HeadLight OP-HL15D


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HeadLight OP-HL15D - 1

OP-HL15 D Improved focus Wireless High intensity light

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HeadLight OP-HL15D - 2

Headlight with light diaphragm system to focus the light spot on the desired area. It uses powerful LED technology to produce intense white light, while maintaining color fidelity. The headlight does not require cables, making it very comfortable to use. OP-HL15 D Light diaphragm to adjust the size of the illumination area. Light spot diameter from 15mm to 95mm (at working distances of 400mm). Vertical adjustment of illumination angle. Operating time: 9 hours. Lifespan: 100,000 hours. Light intensity at output: 850,000 lux. Light intensity at 150mm: 100,000 lux. High intensity pure white...

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