Light source_ Fibrolux LED DUO


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Light source_ Fibrolux LED DUO - 1

LED COLD LIGHT SOURCE FIBROLUX LED DUO HIGH POWER LED LIGHT SOURCE LED Light Source 2 Independent Light Outputs Extensive LED lifespan: 60,000hours

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Light source_ Fibrolux LED DUO - 2

The FIBROLUX LED DUO brings to you the latest technology in endoscopy light systems. Its exclusive design with 2 independent outputs allows you to use 2 equipment simultaneously. Compatible with Storz and Olympus LED light source High intensity. 10,000 Klux (measured at the output of a standard fiber optic cable of 1.8 m x 4.8mm) 2 independent outputs Lights can operate alternate or simultaneously Extensive LED lifespan of 60,000 hours Light intensity can be regulated without color variation Low power consumption Double cooling system (fans with automatic speed control) User-friendly...

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