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OP-C16/OP-C12 OP-C16 / OP-C12 ERGONOMICS AND VERSATILITY The OP-C16 and OP-C12 microscopes manufactured by OPTOMIC fulfil the most demanding requirements. The OP-C16 and OP-C12 microscopes offers one of the widest ranges of lighting systems and beam splitters, as well as image and video capture and treatment devices in the market. Their excellent optical and mechanical features, together with their great mobility and versatility, make these microscopes the ideal equipment for any treatment. The sturdiness and stability of the OP-C16 and OP-C12 microscopes, as well as the freedom of...

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mechanics MECHANICS The OP-C16 and OP-C12 microscopes are designed and built using the most modern and precise manufacturing systems. Soft Move is our exclusive movement and braking system, which provides OPTOMIC equipment with a play-free turning mechanism and an excellent mobility, smooth and precise. Soft Move is supported by the great sturdiness and stability of the highly resistant conical cylinder bearings and a unique braking system. The large central knob of this braking system acts by freeing or braking the turning movements with absolute precision, enabling even a total blockage....

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INTELLIGENT COMPATIBILITY AND INNOVATION INTELLIGENT COMPATIBILITY AND INNOVATION Beam Splitters OPTOMIC offers a complete range of beam splitters to meet the needs of every specialist. DIGITAL OP-TV DC + CAMERA Compact video microscopy system Compact video microscopy system with built-in CMOS HD high resolution camera. With an exclusive system to adapt it to digital photographic cameras. with built-in CCD high resolution camera. OP-TV CLICK It adapts to any endoscopy CCD camera to obtain microscopic images with digital output of outstanding resolution. lighting LIGHTING FIBROLUX LED HP The...

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optics OPTICS Binoculars The OP-C16 and OP-C12 microscopes offer different options: • Wide field straight binocular (standard) • 45º inclined binocular (optional) • 0º a 240º inclinable binocular (optional) Objectives • Standard 200mm. • Optional 250mm, 300mm and 400mm. Thanks to its large diameter lenses, it favors the coaxial illumination of the observation axis, offering a homogeneous and bright illumination field, as well as a better light transmission and an optimum lighting of the area explored. The f=400 mm objective enables it to be used as illumination and documentation system for...

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digitalDIGITAL MICROSCOPY microscopy Digitally Soft Digital microscopy integrates the features of the OP-C16 and OP-C12 microscopes and the advantages of the digital image, video and data capturing system, Digitally Soft. Our Digitally Soft image processing software makes it possible to obtain reports, export images and videos and compare the pre- and post-treatment conditions. lt also admits statistical studies, area calculations, compares measurements and has other functions which permit the patient’s data to be processed in a simple and agile manner. Digitally Soft Digitally Soft

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microscopy-endoscopy MICROSCOPY-ENDOSCOPY Two in one In the OPTOMIC digital video-microscope we find the integration of the techniques of microscopy and endoscopy thanks to the compatibility of the lighting and image systems. Simply connecting a fiber optic cable to the output of the microscope’s light source and using the microscope’s camera (CCD 1428/714) will result in perfect endoscopic equipment, optimizing both space and resources.

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technical features TECHNICAL FEATURES OP- C16 / OP-C12 ILLUMINATION SYSTEM LIGHT CONDUCTION EYEPIECES MAGNIFICATIONS CHANGER OBJECTIVE HEAD AND ARM VOLTAGE MOUNTING OPTIONS ACCESSORIES Stereoscopic head with micrometric focus Wide field straight binocular (standard) 45º inclined binocular (optional) 0-240º inclinable binocular (optional) LED light source Fiber optic cable 12.5x widefield eyepieces. 10x and 16x optional For OP-C16: 5-steps Galilei (0,4x, 0,6x, 1x, 1,6x y 2,5x) For OP-C12: 3-steps Galilei (0,6x, 1x, 1,6x) 200mm standard objective. 250mm, 300mm and 400mm (optional) With brakes...

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