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OP-MV22-MD FHD THE BEST CHOICE FOR FULL HD PICTURE QUALITY High Definition FHD 1920 x 1080/60Hz ECO Friendly LED 22” LCD Panel producing quality

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The OP-MV22-MD FHD medical grade monitor is the ideal device to complete the OPTOMIC equipment setup. This Full HD monitor provides a very detailed high definition image and great colour fidelity, an essential condition for any medical application. This image sharpness is very useful to diagnose patients quickly and helps the specialist make precise interventions. The OP-MV22-MD FHD comes with a wide range of ports to connect all kinds of equipment such as endoscopic cameras, computers or video recorders. VIDEO INPUT SIGNALS • LE D - b ack lig h t te ch n o lo g y w ith Fu ll HD 1 9 2 0 x 1...

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