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COMPACT, ERGONOMIC AND VERSATILE The OP-Dent5 microscope, designed and manufactured by OPTOMIC, fulfils the current demanding requirements for better diagnoses and more precise treatments in the dental field. Its excellent optical and mechanical features, together with its great mobility and versatility, make the OPDent5 microscope the ideal equipment for any dental specialty, providing quality treatment in all areas. The sturdiness and stability of the OP-Dent5 microscope, as well as the freedom of movement, enable the head to be placed in any desired position. This allows the specialist...

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OP- DENT 5 - 3

MECHANICS AND OPTICS The OP-Dent5 microscope features our exclusive movement and braking system Soft Move, which provides the microscope with extremely smooth and accurate movements. The microscope head, with its multi-directional movements, also incorporates a knob for fine focus adjustments. The head´s functional and ambidextrous design makes it very comfortable and easy to operate. INCLINABLE BINOCULAR The wide turning range of 0º to 240º allows for the perfect positioning of the microscope to assure the best ergonomics. Standard: 10x widefield Optional: 12,5x and 16x widefield Large...

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OP- DENT 5 - 4

OPTIMAL ERGONOMICS IN DENTAL MICROSCOPY A 45-degree extension increases the distance between the patient´s mouth and the eyes of the professional. This feature helps reducing work-related fatigue, as it ensures a perfectly relaxed working position where shoulders and arms remain at a correct angulation. This extension system also provides a 50-degree rotation. The microscope head can be tilted 25 degrees to the left, or 25 degrees to the right, without changing the position of the binocular. This means that the eyepieces stay in a horizontal position, making it very easy and comfortable to...

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OP- DENT 5 - 5

ILLUMINATION SYSTEM LED ILUMINATION TECHNOLOGY The OP-Dent5 microscope incorporates powerful LED technology for optimum illumination. The LED light source features a bright white LED light with the possibility of adjusting the intensity. As a unique option, it is also possible to select a warmer light, according to the preference of each specialist. A swingin amber filter (ultraviolet light suppressor) is of course also available. The FIBROLUX LED HP light source is very easy to use due to its intuitive product design. It is a low consumption device that offers an extraordinary long useful...

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OP- DENT 5 - 6

DIGITAL MICROSCOPY BEAM SPLITTERS OPTOMIC offers a complete range of easy-to-operate beam splitters to support an effective and accurate treatment. The clear and sharp images provide the basis for a high-performance dentistry. OP-TV8 Compact video-microscopy system with integrated CCD high resolution camera. Compact video-microscopy system with built-in CMOS Full HD resolution camera. OP-TV DC + DIGITAL CAMERA Beam splitter with easy connection to digital photographic camera. The Digitally Soft HD is a patient management, image & video capture software and a highly effective tool for...

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OP- DENT 5 - 7

MOUNTING OPTIONS A variety of different mounting options makes it easy to install the OP-Dent5 microscope in the best way possible to fit the layout of the clinic. Multiple designs for floor, wall, and ceiling mounting are available. All options confer the microscope with great stability. ROLLING FLOOR STAND FIXED FLOOR MOUNT Strong and stable five-legged floor stand with double rubber wheels, all with brakes. WALL MOUNT Small and compact securing of the microscope to the floor. CEILING MOUNT Practical and space-saving design. When not in use, the microscope can be folded against the wall....

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OP- DENT 5 - 8

GENERAL FEATURES HEAD Stereoscopic with micrometric focusing. 10x widefield eyepieces. Optional: 12,5x and 16x widefield MAGNIFICATION CHANGER 250mm objective. Optional: 200mm, 300mm, 400mm and Varifocal objective (from 200mm to 350mm) EFFECTIVE MAGNIFICATIONS Changer permitting magnifications from 2x up to 34x, depending on the chosen combination LIGHT SYSTEM Coaxial through lens with LED light source LIGHT CONDUCTION Fiber optic cable MOVEMENT SYSTEM Movements by means of angular and conical bearings and Teflon discs. Hardness and blocking adjustments. Exclusive Soft Move system. POWER...

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