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PO-G7 + Chair - 1

OPT IMA L DESIGN F OR GYNECOL OGY AND OBSTETRICS Electrical movement with 4 independent motors High load capacity: 310Kg Exceptional minimum height: 48cm Motorized leg rest

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PO-G7 + Chair - 2

The OP-G7+ examination chair is designed to meet all the needs of the OB/GYN specialist. This versatility is due to its wide movement capacity through its four independent motors and modular system of accessories, allowing the healthcare professional to combine them according to the specific needs of the practice. Manufactured with the highest quality materials, paying full attention to ergonomic needs and using a comfortable and hygienic padding system. This is how OPTOMIC ensures to provide the best experience for doctor and patient. Examination simulation with OP-G7+ chair and OP-C5...

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PO-G7 + Chair - 3

BARRIER-FREE ACCESS FOR PATIENT AND HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL OPTOMIC has put all its effort into the OP-G7+ chair with the aim to create an equipment which is effective for the specialist and comfortable for the user. Designed to make patient access as easy as possible. Taking special care of the elderly, patients with reduced mobility and those with disabilities. LEG REST MOVEMENT FOR PATIENT CARE The motorized leg rest allows the patient to reach the correct examination position without the intervention of the healthcare professional. LOAD LIFTING CAPACITY UP TO 310 Kg The healthcare...

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PO-G7 + Chair - 4

INDEPENDENT AND MOTORIZED MOVEMENTS Find the desired position in a comfortable way and save it in one of the four internal memories for the next examination. The independence of movements of the OP-G7+ chair elements allows it to adapt to the requirements of the different specialties. PELVIC MOVEMENT It facilitates the examination by allowing to place the chair in a comfortable and natural position for the healthcare professional and the patient.

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PO-G7 + Chair - 5

INDEPENDENT BACK AND LEG REST MOVEMENT Total control of all movements by means of a hand control or foot pedal. The combination of back, leg rest and seating positions allows the OP-G7+ to adapt to all postural needs required in gynecology and obstetrics. TRENDELENBURG AND ANTI-TRENDELENBURG POSITION A direct access button on the hand control places the OP-G7+ in Trendelenburg position when it is required. TOTAL CONTROL THROUGH HAND CONTROL OR FOOT PEDAL All movements can be controlled through these two devices. - Hand control: All type of movements, direct access to Trendelenburg, lock...

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PO-G7 + Chair - 6

ACCESSORIES FOR EACH AND EVERY NEED Thanks to a side rail system, the OP-G7+ can be easily configured with any of our accessories, according to the requirements of the specialist. Footrest, leg supports and armrests are adaptable to the most comfortable position for healthcare professional and patient. Fi x i n g s y s t e m w i t h l o n g i t u d i n a l , horizontal and angle regulation and t h r e e v e r t i c a l a n g l e p o s i t i o n s. LEG SUPPORTS WITH FOOT SUPPORTS 3-position system that allows to modify the angle of the support to favour ergonomics. It also allows for lateral...

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PO-G7 + Chair - 7

Made of stainless steel and padded with injected flexible polyurethane, very durable and easily washable. OP-G7+ leg supports can be adjusted to any position in order to reach the best examination position. Fi x i n g w i t h l o n g i t u d i n a l a n d height adjustment system. ARMRESTS (Optional) Padded and adjustable. They can be combined with both types of leg supports, providing greater comfort to the patient during the examination. EXAMINATION LAMP (Optional) High power LED light with dimmer switch and flexible arm for easy placement in any position.

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PO-G7 + Chair - 8

PAPER ROLL HOLDER The chair includes a roll holder to place the paper on seat and backrest. Being integrated into the chair saves space and facilitates access and replacement. It holds paper reels up to 50cm wide, Ø 13cm and 4.5cm mandrel. SECRETION TRAY Made of stainless steel and easy to remove and clean. 2.5l capacity. HIDDEN WHEEL SYSTEM (Optional) Small wheels unfold with a simple lever movement, allowing the healthcare professional to move the chair to the desired position.

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PO-G7 + Chair - 9

COLPOSCOPE SUPPORT (Optional) The OP-G7+ chair adapts to the use of a wide range of colposcopes by means of a resistant support specifically designed to that effect. COLOR RANGE Upholstery available in different colours. Choose the most suitable for your office. The upholstery material is synthetic, waterproof, washable and with antibacterial treatment.

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PO-G7 + Chair - 10

Gynecological Chair OP-G7+ Resistance, comfort and reliability for your medical office.

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PO-G7 + Chair - 11

FEATURES LIFTING/LOWERING MOVEMENT BACKREST LEG REST PELVIC TRENDELENBURG ANTI-TRENDELENBURG HAND CONTROL AND FOOT PEDAL LEG SUPPORTS SECRETIONS TRAY ROLL HOLDER UPHOLSTERY FIRE REGULATIONS GRID CONNECTION MAXIMUM LOAD Motorized column. 480mm min. / 1020mm max. Through electric motor. 27º min. / 70º max. Through electric motor. 0º min. / 110º max. Through electric motor. 27º max. above/-8º min.below horizontal Tilting -27º Tilting +8º Control of all movements + 8 Memories Two options: Leg supports with foot supports or Goepel leg supports Made of stainless steel and removable. 2,5L Capacity...

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PO-G7 + Chair - 12

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