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Workstation_OPTIMUS and OPTIMUS ELITE - 1

E N T W O R K S TAT I O N S OPTIMIZING THE SPACE AT THE ENT OFFICE OPTIMUS and OPTIMUS ELITE Full equipment integration Large capacity spaces and drawers Built-in suction, pressure, and irrigation system*

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Workstation_OPTIMUS and OPTIMUS ELITE - 2

“A good space management reduces costs and optimizes performance. The OPTIMUS workstations provide this and much more” Example of fully equipped OPTIMU

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Workstation_OPTIMUS and OPTIMUS ELITE - 3

OPTIMUS ELITE The OPTIMUS and OPTIMUS ELITE workstations, designed and manufactured by OPTOMIC, meet any demand regarding space for placing instruments and equipment used at the doctor´s office. Made of high-resistance steel, with tempered glass work surfaces, the workstations combine robustness, mobility, and design. The wide variety of accessories, and the versatile configuration of their components, make the OPTIMUS workstations adapt to the work requirements of the different specialist physicians and their office spaces. Example of OPTIMUS ELITE with equipment and straight monitor...

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Workstation_OPTIMUS and OPTIMUS ELITE - 4

DRAWERS AND TRAYS Large upper drawers, with stainless steel trays, and the option of space compartmentalizing through moving subdividers, supports for hooks or speculums... give the workstation an extra flexibility for the professionals to place their medical tools in a customized way. Four useful shelves and two large capacity lower drawers complete the storage space offered by the OPTIMUS workstation. “An organized space makes the difference” Example of equipped drawer

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Workstation_OPTIMUS and OPTIMUS ELITE - 5

OPTIMUS and OPTIMUS ELITE TOP DRAWERS The OPTIMUS and OPTIMUS ELITE workstations are supplied with four spacious top drawers and a slide-out work surface with a receptable for used instruments. • Size of main drawers: - 1st drawer: 79 x 34 x 4,5cm - 2nd and 3rd drawer: 79 x 40 x 5,5cm - 4th drawer: 79 x 40 x 8cm • Slide-out tray: 79 x 40cm. With stainless steel receptable for used instruments. Optionally, stainless steel trays and subdividers can be added to the top drawers to categorize the space more effectively. Support for hooks, laryngeal mirrors, or other instruments and tools.

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Workstation_OPTIMUS and OPTIMUS ELITE - 6

OPTIMUS lower drawers LOWER DRAWERS The OPTIMUS workstation has two deep lower drawers for storing large and bulky items. They are fitted with a lock and key for security. • Size of drawers: 39 x 28 x 12,5 cm. The OPTIMUS ELITE workstation is equipped with irrigation system and water and drainage outlets in the left drawer. The right drawer has the same characteristics as the OPTIMUS drawers. OPTIMUS ELITE lower drawers: Irrigation system (left) and storage drawer (right)

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Workstation_OPTIMUS and OPTIMUS ELITE - 7

OPTIMUS and OPTIMUS ELITE SUPPORTS AND SHELVES “Great things are achieved by a series of small things working together” OPTIMUS and OPTIMUS ELITE are designed to accommodate a wide variety of equipment supports, converting them into the central point of any ENT practice. MICROSCOPE SUPPORT The OP-C16 or OP-C12 OPTOMIC microscopes can be easily and quickly installed in the workstation, saving space, and keeping the same ergonomics, precision and mobility as using a stand-alone support. Support with OP-C16 OPTOMIC microscop

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Workstation_OPTIMUS and OPTIMUS ELITE - 8

MONITOR SUPPORTS There are two types of supports to choose between: • Lateral rotating support: Allows a wide range of movements of the monitor. Headlight and camera head supports can be integrated. • Straight support: Ideal when little space is available in the office. Headlight support can be integrated. Lateral rotating support with OPTOMIC monitor and camera head support CAMERA HEAD SUPPORT Provides quick and easy attachment for a convenient access. The system protects the camera lens from dust and scratches. Possibility of choosing among different models of supports according to...

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Workstation_OPTIMUS and OPTIMUS ELITE - 9

Convenient hanger to have the headlight always nearby. Possibility of choosing among different models of supports according to location and needs. Support for headlight for lateral rotating monitor support High resistance laminated glass shelves. Space designed to set up devices such as light sources, cameras, stroboscopes... The design includes openings to channel the cables towards the rear power sockets.

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Workstation_OPTIMUS and OPTIMUS ELITE - 10

Detail of OPTIMUS shelves with equipment Integrated bin to keep waste isolated from other elements. • Automatic opening at the touch of a button. • Capacity: 9 L

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Workstation_OPTIMUS and OPTIMUS ELITE - 11

OPTIMUS and OPTIMUS ELITE WORK SURFACES “A good job requires a solid foundation, but a flexible organization” The large surfaces of the OPTIMUS workstations, made of high-resistance laminated glass, assure that the professional always have a work area available. WORK SURFACES Its functional design facilitates space management as it is divided into: • 2 fold-up work tables.* • The upper work surface is divided into two hinged tops that allows viewing and accessing the contents of the top drawer. * OPTIMUS ELITE features only one fold-up work t

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Workstation_OPTIMUS and OPTIMUS ELITE - 12

SUCTION, PRESSURE AND IRRIGATION SYSTEM The OPTIMUS workstation features a high-power, high-flow suction system. The OPTIMUS ELITE workstation has the same suction system. Additionally, it incorporates a pressure module and an irrigation module, avoiding the need of further devices, and thus saving space. All systems can be adjusted individually, and they start up automatically when the hose is picked up. High vacuum and high flow system with adjustable flow rate, vaccuum pressure gauge and an independent easy-to-clean secretion collection system. Automatic start up when suction hose is...

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Workstation_OPTIMUS and OPTIMUS ELITE - 13

OPTIMUS and OPTIMUS ELITE PRESSURE SYSTEM (Only in OPTIMUS ELITE) System with power regulation and a pressure safety limit of 2 bar. Automatic start up when pressure connector is picked up. IRRIGATION SYSTEM (Only in OPTIMUS ELITE) System with temperature control at 37ºC and automatic ultraviolet light sterilization. Safety sensor that alerts in case of any liquid leak. Detail of systems integrated in OPTIMUS ELITE “Unity is strength. We aim to take it to your practice with precision and control

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Workstation_OPTIMUS and OPTIMUS ELITE - 14

HEATERS, LIGHTING and OTHERS Detail of heating system keypad ENDOSCOPE HEATER MIRROR HEATER Heating systems for rigid and flexible endoscopes. Stainless steel heating tray for mirrors of assorted sizes. • On/off button. • On/off button. • Automatic temperature control at 37ºC. • Automatic temperature control at 37ºC. • Automatic disconnection when opening the top drawer. The top instrument drawer is fitted with LED illumination. SPRAY SUPPORT The OPTIMUS ELITE workstation includes a stainless steel support that holds up to 3 spray bottles. Fixed by suction cups, it can be positioned...

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