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OTOSMART / OTOSMART PLUS OPTIMIZING SPACE IN THE ENT OFFICE Compact and modern design High capacity shelves and drawers Integrated suction and insufflation* systems *Only available on OTOSMART PLUS model

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OTOSMART PLUS “The convenience of having your instruments within hand’s reach. Optimize your space and save precious time with our OTOSMART models” Example of fully equipped OTOSMART PL

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The OTOSMART and OTOSMART PLUS workstations, designed and manufactured by OPTOMIC, fully satisfy the most demanding needs of space and storage in the ENT Doctor’s office. Their modular design concept allows for trays, drawers, supports and shelves to be rearranged to suit different setups as required. With a sturdy steel frame and structure, they are built to last. Adding the optional monitor, fiberscope, endoscope supports and/or used instruments tray, makes our workstations the most compact unit around. OTOSMART models with basic configuration and colour sample. .

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DRAWERS, SHELVES AND SUPPORTS Their smooth operating high capacity drawers, stainless steel trays, wide working surfaces and tempered glass shelves, make the OTOSMART and OTOSMART PLUS the strong and reliable workstations they are. With the optional installation of customizable divisions and subdivisions, organizing the instruments becomes an effortless task, helping perform quality work. “Space flexibility to achieve perfect organization”

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OTOSMART / OTOSMART PLUS Equipped drawers example The OTOSMART and OTOSMART PLUS workstations are equipped with 4 drawers by default: The three main drawers may include as an option stainless steel trays with 9 compartments for better organization. SUPPORT FOR HOOKS / MIRRORS Support that holds up to 8 laryngeal mirrors or hooks. • Lower drawer: 33 x 42 x 14cm SUPPORT FOR SPECULA Support with space for 3 x 8 ear specula . Example of 1st drawer with tray Example of 2nd drawer with tray

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EXTRA DRAWERS As an option, OTOSMART and OTOSMART PLUS workstations can be equipped with two central drawers and a lower auxiliary drawer for extra space needs. • Two central drawers module (Replaces the central shelves) - 1st drawer: 56,5 x 38 x 8cm - 2nd drawer: 56,5 x 38 x 14cm • Lower auxiliary drawer: (replaces the instrument tray) - Dimensions: 30 x 38 x 9cm Example of OTOSMART PLUS with optional extra drawers Optional central drawers (complete two drawer module) Auxiliary lower drawe

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SUPPORT FOR CAMERA HEAD Included with the rigid endoscope support, to store the camera head protecting it from dust and scratching. RIGID AND FLEXIBLE ENDOSCOPE SUPPORTS Optional items to keep endoscopes tidy and disinfected. • Rigid support: holds up to 3 endoscopes. Removable sheaths for easier cleaning, made to contain disinfecting fluid. • Flexible support: holds up to 2 fiberscopes. Detachable tubes for your convenience. One of them is sealed to contain disinfecting fluid. It can be opened or closed as a drawer to keep the residue zone isolated from other elements. • Capacity: 15 litre...

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OTOSMART / OTOSMART PLUS Vertically adjustable upper shelves. Central shelves allow for height adjustments to adapt to different equipment sizes. Central shelves with optional glass cover (image below)

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INSUFFLATION AND SUCTION SYSTEM While both the OTOSMART and the OTOSMART PLUS include a very powerful suction system, the OTOSMART PLUS adds to it a built-in insufflation system. This integration allows you to fit other equipment on the shelves or desk. Both systems can be regulated independently and are automatically activated just by disengaging the nozzle. “Strength comes in numbers. Enjoy working with precision and control.” Insufflator nozzle (Only on OTOSMART PLUS model) Aspiration nozzle Integrated systems on OTOSMART PLU

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INSUFFLATION AND SUCTION SYSTEM SPRAY SUPPORT Steel module that holds up to 3 spray bottles. Fixed by suction cups, it can be positioned anywhere on the unit’s surface for convenience. SECRETIONS CONTAINER Easy to remove and attach back to make emptying and cleaning more convenient. • Capacity: 1 litre INSUFFLATION SYSTEM (Only on OTOSMART PLUS) Power regulation system and safety power limit at two bar. Activation by disengaging the nozzle or as an option, by control pedal. SUCTION SYSTEM High vacuum and high flow with adjustable power level, vacuum meter and an easy to clean independent...

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CONTROL PEDAL OTOSMART PLUS CONTROL PEDAL With the double pedal, it is possible to independently turn on and off the OTOSMART PLUS workstation’s suction and insufflation systems. OTOSMART PLUS equipped with the control pedal

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GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS 70L/min - Adjustable and measured by vacuum meter Operating time limit: 30 min. - 1Liter secretion container Adjustable power level: 2bars Operating time limit: 30 min. 87cm x 47,5cm - Coloured tempered glass cover included 63 x 43,5 x 1,5cm - Optional glass cover 1st and 2nd drawers: 60,5 x 38 x 5cm (Optional stainless steel tray) 3rd drawer: 60,5 x 38 x 8cm (Optional stainless steel tray) 30 x 38 x 14cm 25 x 25 x 25 cm / 15L Blue (other colours available) Carbon steel structure / Electrostatic epoxy paint Tempered safety glass 90 x 95 x 50cm 120Kg 230V - 50Hz (120V...

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