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The patented ultra-widefield scanning laser technology from Optos provides an image of the fundus that supports the detection, diagnosis, analysis, documentation and management of ocular pathology and systemic disease, especially those that first present in the periphery. V2 Vantage Pro is the software used to view the images from Optos ultra-widefield imaging devices. The latest version of this feature-rich image viewing software and patient education tool includes new advancements to benefit practices and patients. Optos continuously improves our devices and software so eye care professionals can continue to see more, treat more, and deliver the very best level of care for patients. Our Most Advanced Ultra-Widefield Images The imaging technology from Optos operates at the limits of ‘conventional’ optics and is the only imaging technology that can capture ultra-widefield images of 200° or 82% of the retina. The technology continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with optomap® images by introducing ProView™. This enhanced imaging technology addresses the inherent bias in any curved surface that is shown in a flat plane with pixel-for-pixel registration. Therefore when looking at pathology in the periphery, you are getting a view that is representative of the true anatomical location. ProView Benefits: • Addresses inherent bias for curved surface shown as a flat plane • Enables historical and multi-modality comparison overlay • Enhances 3D Wrap® Valuable Patient Education Tools 3D Wrap is a three-dimensional graphical model of an eye that incorporates the optomap image from your patient. This functionality provides the ability to show patients where their retina is located, what it looks like, and discuss any issues that may be present. 3D Wrap Using ProView Demonstrates: • Refractive errors between -10D to +5D • Models of close and distant objects • How IOL selections that include monofocal and multifocal lenses are represented Nikon A Nikon Company 4 •> optos* Building The Retina Company

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Functionality and Technical Specifications • Modality Worklist Enables automated patient demographic data entry, thereby removing data input errors. Fully integrated with your patient archive and communications systems. • Simulated White Light Simulates the coloration of the retina as it would be seen with a fundus camera or ophthalmoscope and can be set as the default setting if desired. Software Requirements Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional or higher for Image Server Computer (provided by Optos with the scanhead) Microsoft Windows 7 or higher - 32 or 64 bit Professional for Image...

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