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OraSure® - 1

Oral specimen collection device Collect anytime, anywhere • Non-invasive • Minimal contact reduces extra sanitization steps • Flexible testing methodologies • Lab-based results • Easy transport and processing Seal Laboratory confidence Oral fluid convenience

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OraSure® - 2

Recommended laboratory preparation Before processing the sample, ensure it is properly labeled with patient name, date and time of collection. Invert the Oral Specimen Collection Device so the tip is facing upward and tap the cap end on a bench to move the collection pad away from the tip of the specimen vial. Point the specimen vial tip away from you and break it against the inside wall of the centrifuge tube. Invert and push the specimen vial into the centrifuge tube. Suggested products: Sarstedt Centrifuge tube, 67 mm x 16.8 mm polypropylene CAT# 55.533 and caps for centrifuge tubes CAT#...

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