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Immunohematology Product Code List

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Immunohematology Product Code List Pub. No.: J40041 Revised: 2014-08-27 United States The following table is a listing of Immunohematology reagents and consumables and their respective product codes available to customers residing in the United States. Product Name Product Code ABO Blood Group Reagents Anti-A BioClone Anti-A BioClone Anti-B BioClone Anti-B BioClone ORTHO Anti-A1 Lectin Anti-D Sera and Rh-hr Typing Reagents Anti-D for Slide and Modified Tube Tests ® ORTHO Rh-hr Control Anti-D BioClone Anti-D BioClone Anti-C BioClone Anti-E BioClone Anti-c BioClone Anti-e BioClone Anti-Human Globulin Reagents ® BioClone Anti-IgG, -C3d; polyspecific Clear ® BioClone Anti-IgG, -C3d; polyspecific Clear ® BioClone Anti-IgG, -C3d; polyspecific Green ® BioClone Anti-IgG, -C3d; polyspecific Green ORTHO Anti-IgG (Rabbit) Clear ORTHO Anti-IgG (Rabbit) Clear ORTHO Anti-IgG (Rabbit) Green ORTHO Anti-IgG (Rabbit) Green Anti-C3d (Murine Monoclonal) BioClone Anti-C3b,-C3d (Murine Monoclonal) ® BioClone

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Product Name Product Code ORTHO Anti-Fy ORTHO Anti-Kell Antibody Enhancement Media ORTHO Bovine Albumin Solution ORTHO Bovine Albumin Solution ORTHO Polymerized Bovine Albumin ORTHO Polymerized Bovine Albumin ORTHO Antibody Enhancement Solution ® ORTHO Antibody Enhancement Solution ProClin™ 300 ® ORTHO Antibody Enhancement Solution ProClin™ 300 Rare Antisera ORTHO Anti-Fy ® Anti-Le BioClone 2.0 Anti-Le BioClone 2.0 ORTHO Anti-M ORTHO Anti-N ORTHO Anti-k ® ORTHO Anti-C Anti-Jka BioClone Anti-Jkb BioClone ORTHO Pooled Screening Cells ORTHO Anti-S ORTHO Anti-s Reagent Red Cells ® ORTHO Coombs...

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Product Name Product Code 0.8% RESOLVE Panel A 0.8% RESOLVE Panel B 0.8% RESOLVE Panel C ORTHO Confidence System 0.8% ORTHO Pooled Screening Cells ® ID-Micro Typing System™ Gel Test Reagents ™ MTS Anti-IgG, -C3d Card MTS Anti-IgG Card MTS Buffered Gel Card MTS Anti-A (Murine Monoclonal) Card MTS Anti-B (Murine Monoclonal) Card ™ MTS Anti-A,B (Murine Monoclonal Blend) Card MTS A/B Monoclonal Grouping Card MTS Anti-D (Monoclonal) (IgM) Card ™ MTS A/B/D Monoclonal and Reverse Grouping Card MTS Anti-e (Monoclonal) Card MTS A/B/D Monoclonal Grouping Card MTS Monoclonal Control Card MTS...

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ID-Micro Typing System™ Pipette Tips Specialty Product General Purpose Reagents * The Optics Tool Kit is to be used only by your Field Service Representative during annual preventative maintenance and servicing of your ORTHO ProVue® Analyzer. NOTE: This Product listing is periodically updated / refreshed. If you have questions, please contact Customer Technical Services at 1-800-421-3311. Instructions for Use and the Material Safety Data Sheets can be retrieved at Documents/lmmunohematology Technical Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

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