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Site Specifications ORTHO ProVue™ Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Micro Typing Systems, inc.

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PLEASE NOTE The information contained herein is based on the experience and knowledge relating to the subject matter gained by Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Inc. (OCD) prior to publication. No patent license is granted by this information. OCD reserves the right to change this information without notice, and makes no warranty, express or implied, with respect to this information. OCD shall not be liable for any loss or damage, including consequential or special damages, resulting from any use of this information, even if loss or damage is caused by the negligence or other fault of OCD. This...

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Section 1: Introduction Although the ProVue System provides resistance to electrical phenomena such as power surges and static discharge, steps should be taken by the user to gain the full benefit of the System design. The text that follows describes the precautions and steps recommended for best performance and maximum customer satisfaction. Static Electricity The System should be adequately grounded to prevent the effects of static charges generated. Static problems can also be reduced by ensuring that the relative humidity of the room is maintained between 15 and 80 percent....

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SERVICE MANUAL Section 2: Specifications Environmental Specifications Reference Operating Temperature Site Relative Humidity Max. Altitude Customer Site Requirements Reference Entrance to Room Telephone Storage System Location Specification 75 cm (29.52 in.) minimum door opening. A telephone should be available within the area of the ORTHO ProVue™. This is recommended to allow the operator access to the System when working with Ortho Clinical Diagnostics service personnel via the phone. Storage space is needed for consumable supplies: MTS Gel Cards, Reagents, and Wash Fluid Concentrate. •...

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Warranty Considerations Warranty of the ORTHO ProVue™ starts with the first container delivery. Possible warranty violations may include: • Setting up components without OCD Field Service personnel present. • Mishandling arrived containers. Important You, the customer, may have shipping/receiving department standard operating procedures that violate the OCD warranty. You need to work with OCD Field Service personnel or designated individuals to identify and prevent potential warranty violations before the shipment arrives. Refer to the ProVue System Warranty for a complete list of warranty...

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SERVICE MANUAL Detach 2 System Dimensions Reference A B B1 (DOOR open) C D, E F ProVue Weight

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Important The UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLY can be installed anywhere within the 6 ft. length of its POWER CORD and it must be plugged into a dedicated outlet. The UPS can be installed under the instrument or at the rear of the work bench or table. PC and PRINTER Dimensions Reference G H I J K PC Weight Printer Weight Dimension 43.1 cm (17 in.) 43.1 cm ( 17in.) 48.8 cm (19.2 in.) Depth 40.6 cm (16 in.) Width 25.4 cm (10 in.) Height 15.87 kg (35 lbs.) 7.2 kg (16 lbs.) UPS Dimensions Reference L M N UPS Weight

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SERVICE MANUAL Section 3: Electrical Requirements Electrical Specifications for the System ProVue Input Voltage Peripherals (Printer, UPS, Monitor, PC) Input Voltage 100 - 120 V AC The Monitor and PC plug into the UPS. The UPS must be plugged into a dedicated receptacle. Power Consumption Note The power consumption specification in the following table is for the ORTHO ProVue™ only and does not include any of the peripherals. Line Voltage 120 V

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Electrical Requirements Voltage Specifications Minimum - NEMA 5-20A RECEPTACLE (dedicated) Recommended - NEMA 5-20R RECEPTACLE (dedicated) NEMA 5-20R SAFETY GROUND SAFETY GROUND polarized power RECEPTACLE polarized power RECEPTACLE E002_1331ACA E002_1331AC ProVue Systems Rated at 12 Amps NEMA 5-15R Check between: 100 V AC N - L1 60 Hz L1- Safety Ground N - Safety Ground Required Range 100- 132 V AC 100 - 132 V AC Less than 1 V AC

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ORTHO and ProVue are trademarks. Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Micro Typing Systems, inc. Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Inc. • 100 Indigo Creek Drive • Rochester, N.Y. 14626

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