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Find out why it’s time to automate with gel technology.

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TRANSFORMATION THROUGH AUTOMATION Many laboratories are still comfortable with manual processing. But no matter how good your people are or how small your laboratory is, it makes sense to consider the benefits of automation. Free up your technical staff for more value-added tasks, while improving results and patient care. You’ll also boost morale: less stress makes for happier, more productive employees. There are many reasons to make the change, but it comes down to the fact that gel technology and automation are more efficient, more accurate, and much easier than traditional methods....

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ID-Micro Typing System™ (ID-MTS): MAKE THE SWITCH TO GEL TECHNOLOGY ID-MTS Gel Testing provides safe and cost-effective standardization that is easy to learn and easy to use. Gel cards, used manually or as part of an automated system, are the foundation of the ID-MTS System. Laboratories of all sizes have successfully adopted gel testing and are benefiting from: Standardization. Each card is delivered with gel-filled microtubes infused with pre-measured reagents. Standardized methods ensure uniform results from tech-to-tech and laboratory-to-laboratory. Safety. Opportunities for error are...

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DO TWICE THE WORK IN HALF THE TIME Recent studies showed that, on average, one ORTHO ProVue operator did the serologic testing previously performed by two technical staff members—while reducing the total processing time by 40 percent. The research also showed an 81.6 percent overall hands-on time reduction compared to manual tube testing—and a 75.9 percent reduction when compared to manual gel testing* DON'T SACRIFICE SAFETY OR ACCURACY You can achieve those remarkable productivity gains without trade-offs. How? Through operational improvement. ORTHO ProVue eliminates labor- intensive,...

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WE’LL RUN YOUR NUMBERS Ask your sales representative about the Capital Request Calculator. This tool helps us walk you through the financial process and determine which gel technology is right for your laboratory—whether it’s semi- or fully automated. It’s proof for your management team that investing in this technology will provide solid financial returns for years to come. AT YOUR SERVICE—NOW Our training and sales staff outnumbers the competition’s by a long shot. Which means we have the resources to get you up and running in no time. We offer on-site training as well as sessions in our...

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