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Your commitment. The ORTHO VISION™ Analyzer for ORTHO ID-MTS™ Gel Cards Designed to be the perfect match for your patients and your lab.

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progressive. RESPONSIVE AUTOMATION Transfusion medicine has evolved in order to enhance safety and establish critical efficiencies. MANUAL Safety Concerns Human error Efficiency Concerns Limited resources Safety Concerns Transcription errors Efficiency Concerns Demand needs Safety Concerns Inability to monitor every critical step Efficiency Concerns Unpredictable and increasing lab needs + Transformational approach to transfusion medicine testing—brings together monitoring and workflow technologies + Provides ability to monitor every critical step of the automation process + Anticipates &...

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The new ORTHO VISION™ Analyzer is the first-ever system with Responsive Automation. Secure Monitoring Technologies Dynamic Workflow Management Safe: Responsive safety checks and balances give blood bankers the ability to monitor every critical step in the automation process. Efficient: Designed to respond to your unique lab with customization features and the adaptability to accommodate unpredictable workflows while reducing the need for batch testing. PROPRIETARY INTELLICHECK® TECHNOLOGY Verifies, documents, and resolves diagnostic checks throughout sample processing ADVANCED IMAGE...

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The latest innovations in analyzer technology are supported and optimized to enhance performance. COMPANION PRODUCTS Introducing ORTHO Beyond the Instrument ORTHO ID-MTS™ Cards offer trusted reliability in a full-assay portfolio. ORTHO ID-MTS™ Cards Configuration Table NAME Control Card Our arsenal of people, products, and services are in place, ready to ensure seamless integration, operational success, and positive patient outcomes. Our consultative approach to laboratory management starts the day you become a customer and continues for the life of your business. SERVICE & SUPPORT...

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Introducing The new ORTHO VISION™ Analyzer for transfusion medicine—the first-ever system with Responsive Automation. The new ORTHO VISION™ Analyzer responds to the unique challenges in your lab to help you deliver the very best in patient care. + Secure monitoring technologies + Dynamic workflow management + nteractive partnership with I Ortho Clinical Diagnostics TO LEARN MORE, CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE OR YOUR LOCAL SALES REPRESENTATIVE. All trademarks are the property of Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Inc. ©Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Inc. 2015 PR-0

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