Peace of mind through accurate diagnosis CHIRON® RIBATM HCV 3.0 SIA - 2 Pages

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Peace of mind through accurate diagnosis CHIRON® RIBATM HCV 3.0 SIA

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Peace of mind through accurate diagnosis CHIRON ® RIBATM HCV 3.0 SIA Hepatitis C Virus Encoded Antigen (Recombinant c33c and NS5 antigens; Synthetic 5-1-1, c100 and c22 peptides) Globally recognized, CHIRON® RIBATM HCV 3.0 SIA is intended to be used as a supplemental test for human serum or plasma specimens found to be repeatedly reactive in HCV antibody screening procedures. Accurate and reliable RIBATM HCV 3.0 SIA test results will enable physicians and donor counselors to provide peace of mind to patients in determining their HCV status. Assists in Donor Counseling There is now significant evidence that an individual who is reactive for anti-HCV in a supplemental assay is likely to be infected with HCV. — FDA Guidance for Industry, September 1998 RIBATM HCV 3.0 SIA will prevent thousands of Unnecessary lookback notifications and subsequent testing and counseling of blood recipients based on inconclusive (indeterminate) HCV test results. — FDA Talk Paper, February 12, 1999 Aids in Diagnosis Supplemental anti-HCV testing confirms the presence of anti-HCV which indicates past or current infection… — MMWR: 16 October 1998; 47(RR-19): 27.

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offers superior performance Improved Seroconversion Sensitivity Putative Hepatitis C Virus Genome Membrane Membrane Envelope/ Binding Protease Binding Core Envelope NS1 Function Function Function RIBATM 3.0 SIA showed sensitivity or earlier positivity. Replicase Function High Correlation with HCV RNA C • In a study of 220 HCV RNA positive individuals, 99.5% were reactive using RIBATM 3.0 SIA. Identity of CHIRON ® RIBA TM HCV 3.0 SIA Antigens CHIRON® RIBA HCV 3.0 SIA Location of Bands IgG Control Level II Package Size Product Code To place an order, please contact Customer Service at...

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