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VITROS® 350 Old

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The new VITROS® 350 Chemistry System is designed to be efficient, dependable, and — above all — easy to use. FACT: In a recent survey of 535 laboratory professionals, “simplified operation that reduces error” was the most frequently chosen (73%) and valued criteria in selecting a new chemistry system.* And customers rate VITROS Chemistry Systems as the easiest to use and most reliable.** Whether you use it as a primary, STAT, or backup system, the VITROS 350 Chemistry System will get the job done right the first time. IT’S THAT SIMPLE. For more information, contact your Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Representative or visit our Web site at * CaseBauer TM Chemistry and Immunoassay Analyzers, North America and Europe 2002 ** EAC U.S. Hospital Clinical Chemistry and Immunoassay Survey 2003 (VITROS 950 and 250 Systems) and Frost & Sullivan European Clinical Laboratories Analysers Market 2004

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VITROS® 350 Chemistry System Specifications Labor Saving Ease of Use • The VITROS 350 doesn’t require highly-trained operators— simple procedures allow around-the-clock availability to all members of the lab staff • Easy to train and cross train operators • Walk-away operation • Quality control procedures are required just once each day and calibration intervals up to 6 months • Process monitoring Operator Interface • Ergonomically designed, flat low-glare LCD touch screen monitor • Keyboard platform and support arm • Flexible, customized positioning • On-board documentation and help...

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