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VITROS ® MYOGLOBIN ASSAY Improving accuracy. Creating efficiency. Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics offers you the ability to enhance your cardiac portfolio, providing accuracy and results integrity that you can count on – thanks to its patented VITROS technologies and the unmatched intelligence of the VITROS ECi Immunodiagnostic System using proprietary Intellicheck™ Technology. Advanced Security • The VITROS ECi Immunodiagnostic System using Intellicheck Technology helps ensure results integrity and error reduction. Enhanced Service Levels • Excellent precision and optimized dynamic ranges minimize unnecessary dilutions and repeats. • Small sample volumes and rapid time to first result provide improved patient service. Labor Optimization • Improved labor efficiency and effectiveness are achieved with: • Ready-to-use integrated reagent packs • Simplicity of calibration • Less system maintenance when compared to other testing systems Cost Containment • Cardiac testing consolidation, operational simplicity and excellent on-board reagent stability drive overall cost efficiencies in your laboratory. Myoglobin is an early marker of myocardial necrosis. It is often used as a negative marker for acute myocardial infarction (AMI) since two consecutive results below the cutoff, along with other clinical information, could be used to rule out a diagnosis of AMI. Clinical studies have demonstrated detectable levels of myoglobin as early as 1 hour after onset of symptoms, and peak levels within 4-5 hours. Myoglobin levels may be elevated in many conditions. Therefore, an elevated myoglobin result must be used in addition to other clinical information, e.g., other cardiac marker test results, ECG, symptoms, and clinical observation, in order to aid in the diagnosis of AMI. 1 VITROS Immunodiagnostic Products Myoglobin Reagent Pack Instructions for use. Refer to appropriate sections for additional information related to intended use, warnings and limitations.

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VITROS ® MYOGLOBIN ASSAY VITROS MYOGLOBIN ASSAY SUMMARY SERUM, EDTA PLASMA, LITHIUM OR SODIUM HEPARIN PLASMA SAMPLE TYPE ANALYTICAL SENSITIVITY TIME TO FIRST RESULT SAMPLE VOLUME ON-BOARD TEST REAGENT STABILITY CALIBRATION INTERVAL 97.5 PERCENTILE UPPER REFERENCE LIMIT THE VITROS ECi AND THE MYOGLOBIN ASSAY: A PRODUCTIVE COMBINATION. The VITROS ECi Immunodiagnostic System is simple to use because it’s fully automated and flexible. It provides truly continuous, STAT, random access capabilities for routine and specialty immunodiagnostic testing. The system also uses proprietary Enhanced...

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