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California® Ventura™ The Ventura™ Spinal Brace is easy to fit and simple for the patient to don and doff. The orthosis provides controlled levels of stability by featuring easily removable rigid plastic components — making it ideal throughout rehabilitation. Indications •• Post-operative laproscopic disk replacement •• Post-operative IDET procedures (Intradiscal Electrothermal Annuloplasty) •• Post-operative lumbar laminectomy •• Post-operative spinal fusion •• Chronic low back pain •• Mechanical back pain with activities of daily living LO626, LO627, LO631, LO637 Approved •• When spinal...

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Ne w! California® Laguna™ Easy Trim-to-Fit Belt. Now available, the California Laguna Spinal Brace — a revolutionary addition to the California Soft Spinal System. Minimizes product inventory with an easy, trim-to-fit belt. The Laguna is a completely modular, customizable brace that’s easy-to-fit yet simple for the patient to tighten as well as don and doff. Interchangeable posterior panels conform to the curvature of the back, providing support while maximizing patient comfort and compliance. With the Laguna, you can now design a cohesive and comprehensive spinal system that satisfies the...

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ECO ™ — Extension Compression Orthosis The California ECO was developed to comfortably extend the thoracic spine and unweight the wedged vertebral body in order to promote healing and pain relief. The ECO stabilizes the pelvis and lumbar spine to ease pain. Effective for individuals with Osteoporosis, vertebral compression fractures, thoracic strains, and debilitating Kyphosis. The ECO is as simple to apply as a backpack or jacket, with easy-to-reach selfadjusting and padded shoulder straps. The metal spinal frame can be easily contoured to the patient’s thoracic and lumbar spine. Features...

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iginal Or The original pre-fabricated California Soft Spinal Orthosis can now be ordered with a variety of components to offer a comprehensive range of control. Configurations include a low-cut anterior panel, posterior spinal relief (PSR) panel and a one-pull closure system. This spinal system offers effective treatment solutions for a variety of clinical indications. Features •• Anterior and posterior insert panels that can be modified for support and stabilization •• Pre-drilled components for retrofitting and interchangeability •• Breathable CoolFoam™ material that wicks away moisture...

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Basic Modular Spinal Orthosis Low-Cut Anterior Panel One-Pull Closure Posterior Spinal Relief Low-cut Anterior Panel have problems tolerating xiphoid height spinal systems, those with shorter stature and patients with respiratory problems One-Pull Compound Closure System • One-pull adjustable quickand simple application • Low-profile design • X-ray compatibility Posterior Spinal Relief • Provides post-operative support and clearance for spinal incisions • Facilitates dressing changes Model # Brace Height Women's Standard w/ Posterior Spinal Relief Chest Waist Hips Standard Anterior Low-cut...

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Mid-Profile™ Orthosis New laproscopic surgical techniques and innovative rehabilitation programs are changing the orthopedic management of spine disorders. Since these procedures have become less invasive and create less soft tissue disruption, there is a need for new orthotic management to complement the spinal treatment program. The California MidProfile Orthosis provides stability and control only where it is indicated in order to reduce spinal muscle atrophy and deconditioning. Features •• Patented compound closure system provides patient-regulated compression to supplement abdominal...

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CPO ™ — Chairback mid-Profile Orthosis The California CPO was created in response to minimally invasive spine procedures requiring specific stabilization and control of spine segments rather than rigid control of the entire spine. The posterior Chairback shell limits lower thoracic and lumbar spinal extension while providing a foundation for the patented compound closure system. The xiphoid-height mid-profile anterior panel allows limited forward flexion—an acceptable motion particularly in some anterior spine procedures. The compound closure allows precise anterior/posterior control with...

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California® Chairback Orthosis The Chairback is designed for comfort and stability using our patented compound closure system. This spinal orthosis is available in 7 sizes, for both men and women, and with the standard Anterior Overlap design or Anterior Panel option. The California Chairback has a posterior opening which eases pressure over the incision site, provides ventilation and allows wound inspection without removing the orthosis. Internal plastic panels provide anterior rigidity and help block forward flexion, while the chairback portion discourages lateral flexion and excessive...

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CEO ™ — Cruciform Extension Orthosis The California CEO spinal hyperextension orthosis is specifically designed to extend the thoracic spine, prevent forward flexion and limit rotation. The patented compound closure system provides excellent low back support, additional comfort and adjustable relief. Effective stabilization allows patients to resume activities of daily living and reduces the tendency for deconditioning secondary to inactivity. Features •• Increases thoracic extension •• Lightweight, low-profile design fits under clothing •• Compound closure adjusts for right or left...

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