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Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO) Also available as Blanks (Untrimmed, No Strap) Standard AFO design pre-fabricated from polypropylene to a 1/8" thickness for necessary rigidity and comfort. Indicated for flaccid or spastic foot drop. Can be heated to customize fit. Very versatile design. •• Posterior ribs for increased support •• Velcro® strap Model # Size Brace Height Calf Circ. Footplate Length Calf Band Width Right Shoe Size To order blanks use .01 suffix, (e.g., 3541.01) Leaf Spring Orthosis—Posterior Leaf Spring Also available as Blanks (Untrimmed, No Straps) Popular pre-fabricated design accommodates many patients not requiring a custom or more rigid AFO. Fits in most normal lace-up shoes. Low profile for excellent cosmesis. Can be easily trimmed and heated for a more custom fit. •• Economical •• Excellent for office or clinical application Model # Size Shoe Size Brace Height To order blanks use .01 suffix, (e.g., 3510.01) Supra-Lite™ AFO Comfortable, low profile pre-fabricated leaf spring design to correct mild to moderate drop foot. Injection molded polypropylene allows for different thicknesses throughout the orthosis—thicker on the vertical aspect for rigidity and thinner footplate for ease of trimming, comfort and flexibility. •• Special heel cut-out accommodates a wide range of men’s and women’s sizes •• Contra-indicated for the following: severe ankle-foot deformities, severe spasticity, fluctuation edema, M-L instability, or extreme activity •• For patients up to 180 lbs (80kg) Model # Size Shoe Size Estimated Footplate Length Brace Height Orthomerica Products, Inc. tel: 800-446-6770 fax: 800-6

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Carbon Supra-Lite™ AFO This injection-molded AFO has been designed to fit patients requiring an AFO for mild to moderate drop foot. Lightweight, comfortable design with carbon rebound feature provides dorsiflexion, and the open heel allows it to fit in most shoes. Padded tibial crest and dorsum straps enable accurate and secure positioning. •• Low-profile, dorsiflexion assist design •• Contra-indicated for the following: severe ankle-foot deformities, severe spasticity, fluctuation edema, M-L instability, or extreme activity •• Increased rigidity in vertical aspect •• For patients up to 220...

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100 Split Upright Functionally efficient completely custom AFO with semi-rigid uprights, ankle axis articulation placement, EVA topcover, custom footplate, low-profile trimlines. Removable interface pads are designed to be washable and add needed comfort. Requires mid-calf cast. Can be made with Tamarack joints. L1970, L2820 suggested 200 Free Motion Supremely flexible custom AFO with balanced footplates, custom ankle axis alignment and custom uprights that connect to posterior bar adding more stability, control and enhanced motion capabilities. Removable interface pads are designed to be...

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2300 Synthetic Ankle Gauntlet Synthetic foam inner shell, open or closed heel, heat moldable plastic structural shell, synthetic foam outer shell, metatarsal length foot plate, laced proximal Velcro® closure. L1940, L2330, L2820 suggested 1400 Closed Heel Leather Ankle Gauntlet Soft molded leather inner shell, 1⁄8" foam padding, closed heel, lightweight plastic inner shell, molded leather outer shell, metatarsal length foot plate, laced proximal Velcro® closure. Also available with articulating joint. L1940, L2330, L2820 suggested AF1300 Leather Edema Ankle Gauntlet 1500 Slim Leather Ankle...

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KEY FEATURES •• Establishes plantigrade alignment of deformed foot and ankle structures •• Bi-valved, overlap design restricts or limits motion at the foot and ankle •• Lined with pressure and shear–dissipating materials •• Low profile rocker sole reduces load bearing forces to the metatarsal heads •• Prosthetic loading characteristics can be used to further reduce load bearing through the affected structures—can be fabricated with a “PTB” proximal section •• Custom insole allows relief and build-up to pressure-sensitive and pressure-tolerant areas of the foot •• Foot is supported deep...

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KC Combo — Knee Control Orthosis Practitioners managing patients with knee flexion instability in stance are often faced with the dilemma of whether the patient needs a knee ankle foot orthosis or just an AFO to correct the instability. Those with poor quadriceps may experience knee flexion in stance, especially if they lack strength and endurance. Locking up the knee all the time may interfere with the patient’s ability to actively strengthen the muscles that will provide long term stability. The KC Combo provides opportunities for developing knee control with the AFO alone, or with the...

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A cost-effective foot and ankle positioning orthosis designed to unweight the heel and protect the foot from potential ulcers and/or loss of dorsiflexion range of motion. This unique design suspends the heal and reduces pressure on the toes from bed linen to facilitate comfort and protect the skin. Designed primarily for patients spending long periods of time in a recumbent position, the HealPRO can improve clearance in swing phase and promote a neutral position during stance for limited ambulation. The external bootie cover can be used to cover the sole and toes when the patient is out of...

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UFO™ Universal Plantar Fasciitis Orthosis The Universal Plantar Fasciitis Orthosis is a pre-fabricated night splint for the effective treatment of Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinitis. The UFO comfortably supports the affected foot in a controlled amount of dorsiflexion, applying a Low Load Prolonged Stretch (LLPS) to the soft tissues of the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon. LLPS promotes gentle stretching, healing and re-modeling of these tissues, effectively reducing the stress and pain caused by inflammation and tissue shortening. Such support can help break the cycle of injury,...

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