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HIGHLAND SHOULDER SLING ™ Lightweight, low profile design is anatomically contoured for maximum patient comfort and function Click ‘n’ Close™ fasteners for easy donning/ doffing by patients with limited manual dexterity Soft elasticized straps with additional padding to protect delicate skin Washable/replaceable Coolfoam™ liners reduce perspiration build-up, improve patient comfort and promote patient compliance Easily trimmable components for convenient customized fitting The new prefabricated Highland™ Shoulder Sling from Orthomerica® has been designed to limit chronic shoulder subluxation/dislocation. The orthosis holds the humerus in position and also prevents stretching of the tendons and ligaments due to poor muscle tone in the shoulder area following CVA, ligamentous rupture or peripheral nerve injury. Also indicated following resection of the distal end of the clavicle. The orthosis acts as the de facto deltoids in maintaining the proper position of the shoulder joint when musculature is not functioning properly. The sculpted scapular component diffuses the weight of the arm across the upper torso to minimize discomfort. NEW! Universal Sizing! SIZE Small Medium Large MODEL NO. 1220 1221 1222 HUMERAL HUMERAL PROXIMAL CIRC. DISTAL CIRC. 9”-11” 7”-9” 11”-13” 9”-11” 13”-15” 11”-13” Optional medial piece - #1228.05 REPLACEMENT LINERS SIZE MODEL NO. Small 1228.01 Medium 1228.02 Large 1228.03 © 2003 ORTHOMERICA PRODUCTS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Modular flexible scapular and humeral components are interchangeable for varying patient shapes and sizes e.g., disproportionately large circumference upper arms (geriatric females). This cost-effective orthosis prevents painful distraction of the joint capsule, improves patient independence and promotes early restoration of function for daily living/occupational activities. The connective torsion joint and trim lines allow excellent range of motion for the shoulder joint, minimizing the possibility of frozen shoulder syndrome. The lightweight, low profile orthosis is extremely adjustable and comfortable and can be worn over a T-shirt and under a shirt or sweater. Total arm weight is not increased, as weight is borne by the scapular component. Soft slings do not offer the same amount of load bearing and cannot dispense the weight over an expanded area, as does the Highland™ scapular component. The humeral cuff is adjustable around the biceps and triceps. Polyethylene tongue within the humeral component ensures effective soft tissue containment and eliminates pinching. CALIFORNIA FLORIDA 800.637.4500 800.446.6770 FAX 800.637.4501 FAX 800.638.9259 E-mail: custserv@orthomerica.com http://www.orthomerica.com

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