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The Fuzion AFO was developed to allow GREATER FIT, FUNCTION and FREEDOM for challenging foot deformations compared to traditional AFOs. The circumferential wrap of the Fuzion firmly and comfortably holds the foot in a more structured biomechanical position instead of trying to seat the foot with two or three straps. The Fuzion’s design and materials ensure greater patient compliance for a variety of challenging clinical indications. Orthomerica — the source for truly custom product solutions — 100% custom, 100% of the time. KEY BENEFITS • New treatment options for patients historically not candidates for orthotic intervention & management • Design encapsulates the foot and leg with greater control and comfort resulting in better compliance • Optional heat adjustable plastic makes patient management much easier versus traditional AFOs • Bi-valved and tongue options allow for better management of patients with fluctuating edema • Available for both select adult and pediatric patients INDICATIONS Pediatric Patient • Flaccid Drop Foot • Spastic Plantarflexion Control • Hind Foot Varus or Valgus Instability • Nocturnal Positioning Control • Pressure Sensitive Patients Adult Patient • Spastic Plantarflexion Control • Progressive Hindfoot Deformity Control Call for more details to see if your patient is a candidate for the Fuzion AFO. ©2013 Orthomerica Products, Inc. All rights reserved. SL00160 Rev. B Emergo Europe Molenstraat 15, 2513 BH, The Hague, The Netherlands Phone +31-70-345-8570 | Fax +31-70-346-7299 • Progressive Forefoot Deformity Control • Pressure Sensitive Patients

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ALIGNMENT MUST BE COMPLETED TO PREVENT DELAY OF ORDER PATIENT INFORMATION Patient Name______________________________________ Male Female DOB:___________________________ Height ________________ Weight______________________ Specify Side(s) Bilateral Left Right Casting Date____________RX________________________ FACILITY INFORMATION Practitioner______________________PO#_______________ Facility____________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Address___________________________________________ _________________________________________________...

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