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Newport 4 ® H I P S Y S T E M Orthomerica’s Newport ® 4 — the next generation of post-operative hip management systems—designed and engineered to provide the most comfortable hip orthosis for your patients. Innovative new options increase function and control. The Newport ®4 is built on the most successful patented features of the Newport ®3 such as the adjustable clamping disk design and the tremendous versatility of the Virtual ® joint. • Proximal offset limits contact with incision site. • Universal pelvic, thigh and hip joint components reduce inventory and make stocking all sizes more cost efficient. • Original side-specific Newport 4 thigh cuffs are also available. • Low-profile pelvic design reduces plastic over the trochanter and incision site. • Preset, quick release closures assure same fit each time. Introducing the new ® Virtual V5 Hip Joint Designed for the Newport 4 Hip System with multiple bar choices so the practitioner can position each component to precisely fit the most “vertically challenged” to the tallest patients. curved proximal bar • Universal for right or left side. • Standard and extended curved proximal bars. New! Universal Thigh Component flexion/ extension stop control tabs abduction/ adduction adjustment • Multiple bar choices allow the practitioner to position each component and hip joint more precisely for very short to very tall patients. • Available in 2, 3, and 4 slot distal bars for optimal placement of the thigh component. • Easy access to all joint adjustments. • Small joint head and lightweight design without sacrificing strength. 2, 3 or 4-slot distal bar THE GLOBAL ORTHOTIC SOLUTION SM TEL: 800.446.6770 | FAX: 800.638.9259 | ORTHOMERICA.COM © 2008 Orthomerica Products, Inc. All Rights Reserved. U.S. Patents: 5421810, 6589195. SL# 00090 Rev. A

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Ordering Information Newport 4 ® NEWPORT® 4 HIP SYSTEM Hip Joint Virtual® 5 Model No. Left Right 3742 3746 3743 3747 3744 3748 3745 3749 Size Small Medium Large X-Large Mid. Waist Circ. 22-28” 28-34” 34-40” 40-46” Hip Circ. 26-32” 32-38” 38-44” 44-50” Thigh Circ. 13-19” 15-21” 17-24” 19-26” *Standard bar length to accommodate 14”-17” hip center to knee center length. Longer bar option available for 17”-20” hip center to knee center length. H I P S Y S T E M The Revolutionary, New Concept in Hip Management to Help Prevent Dislocation. Anterior View NEWPORT® 4 PELVIC COMPONENT Size Small...

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