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SmartSocThe clinically proven pocket-sized 3D image capturing system. The SmartSoc® 3D Capturing System is the latest addition to Orthomerica's US FDA 510(k) cleared line of image capture devices for manufacturing of STARband® and STARlight® Cranial Orthoses. SmartCam™ for Fast, Safe, and Accurate Video Scans • Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android Operating System • User Friendly—Requires no Special Training • Accurate to 0.1% • Generic Head Model on the S7 Display Shows Real Time SmartScan™ Progress • Scanning Halo Turns Green, Indicating Optimal Stand-Off Distance • Allows Patient Movement During a SmartScan™ • Portable—easily taken to clinics and satellite offices CurveCapture™ App Converts 2D Video images to a 3D model • Revolutionary Technology Analyzes 2D Video Images for Optimal 3D Conversion in the cloud • HIPAA Compliant eBrace® Web Portal • Allows Users to Review the 3D Model • Platform for Ordering STAR® Family of Cranial Remolding Orthoses Product Offerings • STAR Family of Cranial Remolding Orthoses • Custom Protective Helmets • Prosthetic Module Coming in 2017 • More Modules to Come! ORTHOMERICA 877-737-8444 | ©2016 Orthomerioa Products, Inc All Rights Reserved SL00188 Rev E

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SmartSoc - 2

Key Features • Android™ based SmartCam™ loaded with CurveCapture™ software from NetVirta™ • eBrace® ordering software — HIPAA compliant • Three operating modes ○○ Product Offerings • Cranial Orthoses • Other modules to be determined System Starter Kit Includes • SmartCam loaded with CurveCapture software • 1 year software license — valid for two users per SmartCam • Access to eBrace webportal for ordering • Camera Bag • 6 Registration Tags • 240 anatomical markers Cranial Starter Kit Includes • 13 cranial SmartSoc Sleeves (3 sleeves each of SM, MD and L sizes, plus 1 sleeve each of four new...

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