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Life Keeps Getting More ible

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Recommended for: • Patients who can benefit from enhanced proprioceptive feedback • Promoting the attainment of normal balance and equilibrium responses The new TC Flex AFO System is available in 15 models. The system is separated into four categories to assist with differentiating each orthosis and understanding its recommended use. • Hindfoot Control Orthoses • Sagittal Control Orthoses • Articulating Orthoses • Floor Reaction Orthoses TC Flex Offers: • 15 progressive designs to provide finely tuned orthotic intervention • Extremely thin and consistent mid-foot flexibility • Brightly...

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Life Keeps Getting More ible TC-Flex Group 1: Hindfoot Control Orthoses TC-Flex Group 2: Sagittal Control Orthoses TC-Flex Group 3: Articulating Orthoses TC-Flex Group 4: Floor Reaction Orthoses TC TC Flex™ is a uniquely progressive orthotic management system for children and adults with neuromuscular, sensorimotor, orthopaedic and physical challenges. TM These custom molded orthoses are designed to stabilize the structures of the foot and ankle complex to enable the patient to utilize current and potential AFO SYSTEM muscle capabilities. TC Flex designs are made from thin and flexible...

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Group 2: Sagittal-Control Orthoses Leaf Spring TC Flex Orthoses are separated into four categories to assist with differentiating each orthosis and understanding the recommended use. Group 1 Hind-foot control consists of orthoses that control the hind-foot and mid-foot position to provide a stable base of support. Group 2 Sagittal control contains orthoses that have varying levels of dorsiflexion and plantarflexion control without the use of articulating joints. Two of the designs in this group are two-part (combo) orthoses. Group 3 Articulated orthoses provide free dorsiflexion with...

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Group 3: Articulating Orthoses Group 4: Floor Reaction Orthoses Dorsi-free Overlap Full Blocker Reactor Recommended for: • Dorsiflexion weakness and mid-foot deviations with no knee flexion instability • Toe walking • Knee hyperextension • Severe mid-foot and forefoot deviations (no plantar stop used) Not recommended for: • Knee flexion instability/crouch gait pattern Recommended for: • Crouch stance secondary to weakness at ankles, knees and hips • Knee flexion instability • Loss of plantarflexors and quadriceps weakness • Need for a mechanical knee extension moment in stance and...

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Make Custom Fabrication More Flexible With TC TM AFO Clinical Support: Warranty The patient is the focus of product development and education at Orthomerica. We continually develop programs and materials to support practitioners in an effort to provide the finest patient care. Educational seminars, casting and fitting videos, and PowerPoint Presentations are just a few of the resources available to practitioners using the TC Flex Orthotic Management System. Continuing education opportunities for practitioners and other allied health care providers enhance patient outcomes through greater...

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TC TM AF O S Y S TEM History of TC Orthoses After years of development, Orthomerica released the TC2™–Total Contact Total Control Orthotic Management System in 1998. One reason for its creation was an overwhelming request from practitioners for total contact designs using an improved foot plate based on scaled anatomical data. In addition, the orthotic community sought innovative designs that utilized their skills and talents, enabling them to provide precise intervention as key team members in conjunction with parents, therapists and physicians. The TC2 foot plate system was designed with...

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