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A-Flex™ Protective Headgear Orthomerica introduces the A-Flex Protective Headgear, an adjustable alternative to other hard protective devices. The A-Flex Protective Headgear is fabricated from a flexible plastic that readily conforms to varying head shapes making it easy-to-fit upon demand. The protection is ideal for low impact forces that are distributed (like a shock absorber) across the entire surface without cracking or penetrating. The headgear is equipped with easy-to-adjust straps minimizing the need for chin straps. Optional chin straps are recommended for active and noncompliant patients. The posterior strap “locks” the device below the mastoids and accommodates size variations while the lateral straps are used for easy donning and doffing. Lateral straps and sideslits are also optional. The A-Flex features ventilation holes to reduce trapped heat. It can be easily trimmed with a pair of shop snips without the need for complex equipment and tools. It can be stocked in various sizes. Clinical Indications Custom A-Flex with Transfer Pattern Transfer Pattern Upgrade Chin Strap Kit–Blue •• Post-operative craniectomy or craniotomy Chin Strap Kit–Pink •• Cranial vault reconstruction or other cranial surgery Chin Strap Kit–White Chin Strap Kit–Transfer Pattern Replacement Side Strap Kit–Blue Replacement Side Strap Kit–Pink •• Self-injurious behavior related to head banging, hair pulling, etc. Replacement Side Strap Kit–White Replacement Side Strap Kit–Custom •• Instability secondary to poor balance and/or equilibrium reactions •• Skull anomalies •• Seizure disorders Contraindications •• Individuals who are at high risk for facial injuries (Custom products including face guards and other forms of cranial protection are available from Orthomerica) •• Individuals requiring high impact protection Orthomerica Products, Inc. tel. 800-446-6770 fax. 800-638-9259 CustServ@orthome

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Upper Extremity - 2

Newport® Shoulder System This pre-fabricated or custom-to-measurements orthosis utilizes the unique Newport 3 Hip Orthosis pelvic components to allow for full pelvic weight bearing, eliminating the need for shoulder straps which are often uncomfortable. Unique shoulder joint controls adduction/ abduction, flexion/extension, and rotation of the shoulder and arm offering the orthopaedic professional a true choice of positions. Lined with neoprene, the orthosis is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to don and doff. Replacement pads are available. Scapular stabilization prevents anterior...

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Upper Extremity - 3

Highland™ Shoulder Sling The pre-fabricated Highland Shoulder Sling has been designed to limit chronic shoulder subluxation/ dislocation. The orthosis holds the humerus in position and also helps prevent stretching of the tendons and ligaments due to poor muscle tone in the shoulder area following CVA, ligamentous rupture or peripheral nerve injury. Also indicated following resection of the distal end of the clavicle. The sculpted scapular component diffuses the weight of the arm across the shoulder girdle to minimize discomfort. Modular flexible scapular and humeral components are...

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Upper Extremity - 4

Prime™ Elbow System (Pre-assembled Range of Motion Modular Elbow) This Pre-fabricated modular arm orthosis is effective for post-surgical or post-injury indications where limited range of motion and rotation control are desired. Upper arm component offers snug fit with two different lower arm choices lined with '/a" Aliplast; ulnar sleeve or wrist-hand module to control rotation. Perforated for ventilation. Adjustable Velcro® straps facilitate application and removal for wound inspection, dressing and sock changes. Anodized aluminum lateral joint allows adjustment in 30° increments/plastic...

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Upper Extremity - 5

Humeral Fracture Brace Kits Functional braces for mid-shaft diaphyseal humeral fractures. Both models allow shoulder range of motion. Side-specific (left or right) bi-valved model has more anatomical definition for biceps. Adjustable Velcro® strap system maintains compression and limits distal migration. • Lined with closed-cell foam • Perforated for ventilation Model # Mid upper 0veral1 Length Size Left Right arm Circ. Medial Lateral Kit includes 2 socks (Model # 4132) and 1 padded arm sling Model # Size Sleeve Only Proximal Circ. Distal Circ. Brace Length Kit includes 2 socks...

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Upper Extremity - 6

The Soft Shoulder Humeral Fracture Brace Kit has proven effective for humeral diaphyseal fractures. The design of the compression molded foam provides flexibility at the edges with a rigid structural core. Much lighter than traditional thermoplastic fracture orthoses, its materials and user friendly compression achieve a more intimate fit for increased patient compliance and comfort. • Ultralight compression molded foam for total contact support • Shoulder cap limits distal migration yet allows full shoulder movement • Dual tongue design molded into medial shell for ease of adjustability...

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Upper Extremity - 7

Gamekeeper's Thumb Splint Effective anatomical splint restricts motion and offers maximum support of the radial side wrist and thumb structures. Effective for arthritis patients or following sprains or surgery to collateral ligament and MCP joint. • Lightweight, trimmable polyethylene • Restricts movement of the CMC joint • Stabilizes the collateral ligament of the thumb Model # Size Left Right Palm Width Brace Length Small 1211 1215 2W-3" 5" European Thumb Spica Effective anatomical, splint for maintaining thumb in abduction while allowing finger and wrist functions following...

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Upper Extremity - 8

Wrist-Hand-Thumb Orthosis Anatomically shaped of low density polyethylene with closed-cell foam lining. Tongue is rigid yet comfortable for most traumatic, post-surgical, or longer term rehabilitation applications. Adjustable Velcro® straps allow for swelling and facilitate wound management. Easily trimmed with cast scissors. May be reshaped with heat gun. • 2 socks (with thumb) • Large thumb component • Padded Tongue • Perforated for ventilation Model # Size Left Right Palm Width Forearm Circ. Brace Length Small 1000 1005 2V"-3" 7"-9"_7V" Available as: Lined WHTO w/o...

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