Architectural Design Catalogue - 12 Pages

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Architectural Design Catalogue

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A design guide of quality options to help you create the right look Otis architecturals provide a broad palette of options to satisfy the requirements of the most discerning eye. This array of choices can be combined to create a unique look tailored to complement any building decor. (Cover) Luxury car operating panel in satin stainless steel, with vacuum-fluorescent position indicator, perimeter lighting suspended ceiling, vertical applied paneled walls, and round tubular handrail in satin stainless steel. (Left) Luxury car operating panel in satin bronze, with LED position indicator. This...

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Entrance Frames Otis offers three styles of doors—single-slide, center-opening and two-speed side opening. These can be matched with different frames and finishes to accommodate a variety of building types and traffic patterns. Your local Otis representative can assist you in determining the ideal arrangement for your particular needs. Single-Slide Door Painted finish Satin stainless steel Mirror stainless steel Satin bronze Mirror bronze OPTIONS Optional stainless steel or bronze kickplates are available for painted car doors (except on Gen2E models). NOTE Single-slide doors make the most...

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Otis offers vertical and horizontal cab wall paneling in a variety of standard and optional finishes. In addition, Otis can deliver unpaneled cabs for custom finishing or freight use. Vertical Applied Panels Select WilsonArt laminate colors OPTIONS Glassback Satin stainless steel frieze Mirror stainless steel frieze Satin bronze frieze Mirror bronze frieze NOTE Available on Otis Hydraulic Series. Solid bar handrail not available with Frieze not available with glassback. Not available on Gen2 elevator systems. Vertical Applied Panels with Decorative Trim Select WilsonArt laminate colors...

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Otis offers a range of ceiling choices—from fluorescent-lit suspended to ncandescent downlit—all in a variety of finishes. Incandescent downlights offer flexibility, while fluorescents are bright and easy to maintain. Finishes include plastic laminate, aluminum, stainless steel, and bronze. Lexan Suspended Ceiling DC22L LIGHTING Fluorescent FINISH (FRAME) Aluminum Gold-tone aluminum Eggcrate Suspended Ceiling DC22E LIGHTING Fluorescent J^^^^__ FINISH (FRAME) Aluminum Gold-tone aluminum Downlight Ceiling LIGHTING Incandescent FINISH Plastic laminate Satin stainless steel laminate Mirror...

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Bumper Rails Otis handrails and bumper rails offer effective protection to passengers and cab walls as well as compliance with local building codes. Flat bar, solid bar, and round tubular sections are available. Finishes include stainless steel Satin stairless steel Mirror stainless steel Satin bronze Mirror bronze NOTE May be restricted In some Jurisdictions. Please contact your local Otis representative to determine code Satin stairless steal Mirror stainless steel Satin bronze Mirror bronze Mot available witti glassback cab, Round Tubular Satin stairless steel Mirror stainless steel...

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Otis Standard car and hall fixtures, with their stylish finishes and design features, combine traditional form and exceptional functionality. They make an ideal solution Hall Fixtures Intermediate landing Position hdlcator Buttons with Illuminated halo tardal-reslstant buttons with Illuminated center Jewel Hall Button Lobby fixture IrvCar Lantern (Above) Single row standard car operating panel, hi satin stainless steel with satin starless steel front return and vertical appled panel walls.

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Classic Hall Otis Classic hall fixtures are characterized by their sophisticated styling and flexibility. Otis has designed each element to enhance a variety of decors—from traditional to contemporary. Classic fixture faceplates are available in satin or mirror stainless steel, or satin or mirror bronze. Hall buttons are round with LED-illuminated halo. Hall Fixtures Hall Lantern Hall Lantern/ Position Indicator intermediate landing Hall Position Indicator 3uttons with illuminated hale Vandal-resistant buttons with illuminated center jewel (Above) Satin stainless steel, single-slide door...

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Otis Luxury fixtures feature bold, innovative styling and advanced engineering. Yet their elegant, rich finishes and distinctive detailing harmonize with a broad range of decors. Luxury fixtures are available in satin or mirror stainless steel, or satin or mirror bronze. (Above) Luxury car operating panel with swing return in satin bronze, with LED position indicator, vertical applied paneled walls, and flat bar handrail in satin bronze. Fixtures feature full seamless, swing return car operating panels, light-emitting diode fluorescent. A round button with LED-illuminated halo and...

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