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CAB PADS OTIS Specifications APPLICATIONS Customized for any elevator. FABRIC Canvas: Best suited for temporary use. They can be simply folded for storage. Vinyl: Best for applications where the pads will be hanging continuously. They can be easily wiped off for cleaning. options Custom colors and fabrics are available to complement your building decor. Your company name and logo embroidered directly on the pads. Special order snaps and velcro are available. Your elevator cab interior may be vulnerable to damage from wheelchairs, moving carts, stretchers or misuse. Protect your elevator investment and reduce costly repairs with elevator cab pads. Elevator Cab Pads Elevator cab pads protect your elevator cab walls: • When the passenger elevator is used to move freight, furniture, mail or stretchers. • During building or elevator cab renovations. • Any time there is potential for damaging cab walls. The thick, quilted pads are fire retardant and come in a choice of durable canvas, heavy duty vinyl or your own fabric. Available in a variety of colors, the pads are custom made to your specifications with cutouts for car operating panels. We offer several hanging options. Protect your investment Installing cab pads protects your elevator investment. Cab pads help avoid costly repairs due to damaged cab walls caused by wheelchairs, mail carts, stretchers or misuse. Attractive Elevator cab pads can be customized to complement any building decor. Economical Cab pads are an inexpensive alternative to replacing damaged elevator cab walls. Otis on the Internet: http://www.nao.otis.com © Otis Elevator Company 1998 MOD-9511 (1298)

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