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Open the door to complete design freedom. No control room. No machine room. All you need is a hoistway. Self-contained system Green technology Smoothest ride Minimal jobsite coordination Proven reliability Otis knows that it’s not just any building—it’s your building. With the Gen2 ® system, we re-examined every aspect of the elevator—from design and installation to operation and maintenance. The result is a system that moves elevator innovation to a new level, supporting your design vision in a way that only Otis can.

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GEN2 - 4

SELF-CONTAINED SYSTEM RIDE QUALITY Gen2 redefined the elevator with breakthrough belt technology. CONVENTIONAL GEARED ELEVATOR CONVENTIONAL MACHINEROOMLESS ELEVATOR Conventional geared elevator systems require New advances in hoisting technology eliminate a rooftop machine room to house the machine, the need for a machine room. But these systems still require a separate room for the elevator control system. INTELLIGENT ENGINEERING Otis applied the strength of its worldwide engineering resources to redefine the elevator system and set a new benchmark for design and performance. COATED STEEL...

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GEN2 - 5

With Gen2, all you need is a hoistway. The controller is so compact it fits inside the wall of the top elevator landing for buildings up to 131 feet of rise. * You are no longer required to plan for extra room for elevator components. COMPACT DESIGN AND INTEGRATED COMPONENTS PROVIDE: • Greater architectural design freedom • Space-saving configuration for more rentable space • Less moving parts for greater durability and reliability • Minimal jobsite coordination * See pages 11-12 for detailed product information Lowest Overhead Otis Competitor COMPACT CONTROLLER INSPECTION & TEST PANEL...

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GEN2 - 6

GREEN TECHNOLOGY Innovation meets sustainability. Otis is leading the industry with The Way to Green. It begins with green thinking on a global scale. We encourage and enable our more than 60,000 employees worldwide to address the future positively and proactively. It is all part of our end-to-end commitment to incorporating environmental awareness into everything we do. The Gen2 system with its state-of-the-art energy-efficiency is a result of this thinking. MINIMIZING ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Our new Florence, South Carolina facility and coated steel belts reflects Otis’ end-to-end...

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GEN2 - 7

Green Technology. Standard on the Gen2 system. USES ENERGY Because being green is not optional. With the Otis ReGen drive: Energy created by your elevator is captured by the ReGen drive and is put to use—it’s fed into your building’s electrical grid. Regenerative technology Energy is captured and used. Our ReGen drive, now standard on the Gen2 system, puts electricity back into your building’s grid by capturing normally wasted energy. Thanks to low harmonic distortion, this recycled energy provides clean power minimizing impact to your building's electrical system. All this helps to make...

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GEN2 - 8

SMOOTHEST RIDE A ride so smooth, you’ll notice. Or maybe you won’t. By taking an in-depth look at all sources of noise and vibration, Otis engineers designed the Gen2 system with passenger and tenant comfort in mind. The Gen2 system’s ride quality is so smooth and quiet that passengers often don’t notice it at all. SMOOTH OPERATION The Gen2 system’s method of hoisting coated-steel belts - eliminates the metal-on-metal contact of steel ropes and sheaves used by traditional systems. The result is a ride experience with noticeably less vibration and noise. INDUSTRY COMPARISON 50 enabled Otis...

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GEN2 - 9

MINIMAL JOBSITE COORDINATION Efficient. Seamless. Minimal impact on the jobsite. With all major components located inside the hoistway, the Gen2 system allows for more flexibility and reduced cost. SPACE SAVINGS Because the Gen2's compact controller fits in the wall, there's no need to create unsightly control closets. OTHER SYSTEM — Requires control closets. Creates cleaner building designs RAPID INSTALLATION The Gen2 system is deliberately engineered to reduce cost and installation time using standard procedures. The result is an installation time that is up to 50% faster than...

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GEN2 - 10

PROVEN RELIABILITY Industry-leading service that only Otis can provide. Otis is committed to ensuring optimal equipment performance throughout each product’s lifecycle. Innovative technologies let Otis engineers precisely identify or anticipate possible issues. And when our mechanics arrive at customer sites, they are prepared to make repairs quickly and efficiently. PULSE ® The Pulse system provides safety and peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring of the Gen2’s flat coated-steel belts. It provides advance notice of belt wear by detecting the slightest weakness. OMMS ® The Otis Maintenance...

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GEN2 - 11

At Otis, reliability is the hallmark of exceptional design. Gen2 is the culmination of Otis’ commitment to perfecting elevator technology. With flexible coated-steel belts and lubrication-free, energy efficient components, Gen2 sets the benchmark for elevator design and performance. From our industry-leading safety record to our proven reliability, Gen2 is the traction elevator you can count on.

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GEN2 - 12

UNDERSLUNG SYSTEMS Travel height maximum Maximum stops Speed (ft/min) To assist in your planning, we recommend that you call your Otis representative at the beginning of the project. Passenger Capacity for front and rear openings 4’-4 1⁄ 8” C Cab height 3 7’-9” D Car door width Door type Passenger Capacity for front and rear openings 6’-3 1⁄ 4” Clear overhead to hoist beam4,5 in seismic zones in seismic zones L Control closet I x 3’-10” (Optional) I x 1168mm (Optional)] [ Control room–duplex 1. Interior dimensions may vary depending on interior finishes. 2. 4000P elevator @ 350fpm requires...

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GEN2 - 13

Travel height maximum Maximum stops Speed (ft/min) Passenger Capacity A Interior width 5’-5 ⁄ 16” B Interior depth for front and rear openings you call your Otis representative at the beginning of recommend that Door type 7'-0" Optional 8'-0" E Entrance height Passenger Capacity 25 28 F Single width 7’-4” (2235mm) for front and rear openings Clear overhead to hoist beam4,7 7'-9" Cab height 9'-9" Cab height Control closet 1. Interior dimensions may vary depending on interior finishes. 2. Clear inside dimensions based upon steel shell cab. 3. Clear cab height varies by ceiling type and floor...

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