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The innovative Otis Glide™ P door system combines permanent magnet technology with precision-engineered noise reduction techniques to deliver one of the fastest, quietest door operators in the industry. FEATURES Swift, quiet operation Door open times as fast as 1.4 seconds Reduces floor-to-floor travel time Reliable performance Closed loop software to ensure consistent performance Environmentally friendly Eliminates carbon-brush dust Does not require lubrication Swift, quiet operation The Otis Glide™ P door operator is one of the fastest door systems in the world. With door open times as fast as 1.4 seconds, the system allows passengers to enter and exit elevators more quickly for faster floor-to-floor travel times. This minimizes the amount of time passengers spend in an elevator and ensures they reach their destination efficiently. Passengers and building tenants will appreciate the Otis Glide™ P door operator's quiet operation. The Otis Glide™ P door system operates 5-10dBA* quieter than other premium door systems. Reliable performance The Otis Glide™ P door system significantly reduces the number of moving parts. It uses direct drive belt technology, eliminating linkages and cam mechanisms to minimize the chance that an issue will arise. The system's high resolution encoder provides exact position data to the closed loop software in order to achieve consistent performance in variable environmental conditions such as wind, temperature and humidity extremes. The controller's self-learn feature enables fast, reliable tuning of the door system for optimal performance. Environmentally friendly The Otis Glide™ P door system uses electronic communication and a permanent magnet motor which eliminates the carbon-brush dust found in traditional DC systems. In addition, the permanent magnet motor is more energy-efficient than operators that use induction motors. Furthermore, the system's sealed-for-life bearings do not require any lubrication making it cleaner for your elevator and the environment.

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Typical Harmonic Door Operator    Otis Glide7" P Door Operator    Benefit Open loop    Closed loop    Software monitors position data and adjusts automatically to ensure consistent performance Carbon brush DC motor    Synchronous permanent    Cleaner, eliminates carbon-brush dust magnetic motor Long arms and mechanical linkages    Direct belt drive    Allows easier maintenance Manual set-up and adjustment    Self-learning, motion profile    Automatically adjusts and updates adjustment 55-65dBA* noise    50dBA* noise or less    Enhanced passenger comfort Specifications Motor: Permanent...

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