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Sky Rise - 2

Your building will inspire generations to come. Our mission is to bring your vision to life. Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure at 828 meters, combines cutting-edge building technologies with historic references to Islamic architecture. The owners asked Otis to provide the elevators for this iconic building. In 2015 the two double-deck elevators used to reach the observation deck on the 124th floor reached an impressive milestone, having traveled a total of 384,400 kilometers since the building’s opening in 2010 – equal to the distance between the Earth and the moon. Each...

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Sky Rise - 3

We wanted a beautiful monument for our capital city. Otis helped us achieve our vision. The Lotte Group The Lotte World Tower rises 555 meters above the city of Seoul — its sleek, tapered look inspired by traditional Korean art forms. Employing the world's tallest double-deck hoistway, Otis double-deck elevators inside this landmark building take just 60 seconds to bring passengers to the observation deck on the 121st floor. Lotte World Tower Seoul, South Korea World's tallest double-deck hoistway system is designed to handle this number of passenger trips/ year to observation de

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Sky Rise - 4

Free your imagination A tall, iconic building can energize a city and inspire people for generations. Creating one requires a leap of the imagination – and a partner to help bring your ideas to life. A partner like Otis. For more than 160 years, we've been partnering with customers like you, pushing the limits of technology to transform the urban landscape with ever taller, more ambitious buildings. And with SkyRise, our premier high-rise elevator system, we have taken everything we know and pushed it even further to deliver the solutions your project demands. Wherever your imagination...

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Sky Rise - 5

Design without limits Every high-rise project brings unique challenges. We help you anticipate them and develop solutions grounded in cutting-edge science and precision engineering. To ensure your SkyRise system delivers peak performance, we conduct advanced simulation and analysis to understand site-specific variables such as building sway and stack effect. And we can integrate access control, security and fire safety technologies into the system by leveraging products and expertise from our sister United Technologies companies, including Carrier, Chubb, Kidde and Lenel. We also partner...

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Sky Rise - 6

Step into perfection with CompassPlus ® To experience a SkyRise elevator is to experience your building at its best: a quick, easy, relaxed transition from a welcoming lobby to a destination at the top of the world. Design is central to the passenger experience. SkyRise gives you the freedom to craft superb, stylish interiors that delight your passengers, support your vision and complement the character of the building itself. Perfection goes beyond aesthetics. It also includes technologies that make the entire experience of the building more enjoyable. Our CompassPlus® dispatching...

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Sky Rise - 7

Innovative technologies working together Each SkyRise installation integrates industry-leading technologies to ensure the seamless, safe operation of the entire system. Its sustainable design minimizes space requirements and reduces energy use. SkyMotion machines Our SkyMotion® machines are among the most energy-efficient on the planet. Their lighter weight makes them easier to install, and their smaller footprint saves space. E2 intelligent control system Our state-of-the-art controller is built with the fly-by-wire style technology used in aircraft, providing superior reliability in a...

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Sky Rise - 8

A faster, more intelligent way to build We know what it takes to put up a high-rise building – we have years of construction experience ourselves. TM That’s why we created SkyBuild   – a self-climbing elevator that can be used for transporting work crews quickly, comfortably and safely during construction. With our reliable, high-speed SkyBuild elevator, your crews spend less time waiting and more time on the job than with a traditional external hoist. Our unique design enables climbs to be executed quickly during off hours to avoid disrupting your schedule. Climbs can also be performed...

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Sky Rise - 9

Mega-projects deserve a mega-team 1909 Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower 1931 Empire State Building 1972 Tower One World Trade Center It requires meticulous planning, a team of dedicated experts and knowledge of complex hosting technologies to get our elevator machines to the top of the world's tallest buildings. Given our extensive experience with such challenges, all went smoothly with the installation of our latest machine atop the Lotte World Tower in Seoul – Korea's tallest building at 555 meters. We're proud of the role we played in realizing the developer's vision – creating...

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Sky Rise - 10

We keep your world moving The completion of your SkyRise installation is only the beginning of years of safe and reliable performance. Using advanced digital diagnostic tools, our engineers monitor your equipment remotely to identify and prevent issues before they arise. Our eService portal gives you instant access to real-time performance, maintenance and other critical information about your equipment. We also understand that your building is unique and may require an even higher, bespoke level of service. That's why we created an Otis service offering for SkyRise. Specially trained...

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Sky Rise - 11

Imagine. Build. Inspire. For generations Otis has enabled architects and developers everywhere to imagine, design and build at the very top of the industry. As our premier high-speed, high-rise elevator system, SkyRise helps make your building a symbol of excellence for generations to come. SkyRise offers a unique combination of flexibility in design, a superior passenger experience, industry-leading technologies, speed in construction, global organizational support and years of safe, reliable performance. Canton Tower, Guangzhou, China 30 Hudson Yards, New York City, USA Allianz Tower,...

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