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TRAV-O-LATOR® MOVING WALK OTIS Safety first and last — Otis' NCT TRAV-O-LATOR® moving walk offers the maximum in safety, reliability and efficiency. The NCT has been developed to meet customer needs in a wide range of uses from shopping centers, casinos and airports. Features MACHINE AC induction motor, hypoid helical gear POWER 6.1 hp, 7.9 hp, 10.9 hp, 12.2 hp, 14.9 hp PALLET WIDTH 32 in. pallet (800 mm) 40 in. pallet (1000 mm) SPEED 100 feet per minute (0.5 meters per second) MAXIMUM LENGTH 263' (80 m) MACHINE ROOM TEMPERATURE 45oF - 90oF (7oC - 32oC) MAXIMUM RELATIVE HUMIDITY 95% (non-condensing) STANDARD FEATURES Satin stainless-steel decking Clear glass balustrade Black handrail One-piece, die-cast aluminum pallets Satin stainless steel skirt panels Single-radius newels Automatic lubrication system OPTIONAL FEATURES Decking: bronze, silver gray powder-coated, or aluminum (silver, gold or steel finish) Tinted glass balustrade: smoke, bronze, blue-green Handrail colors: charcoal, red, light gray, orange, beige, brown, blue-green Yellow demarcation lines on pallet sides, sides and back, or back only Over-speed governor Outdoor package Traffic flow light LED comb lighting Under pallet demarcation lighting • Our approach to safety is an ongoing process with each new generation of TRAV-O-LATOR moving walks. Our patented tapered handrail entry box is both architecturally appealing and one of the safest ever designed. Its unique form and specially developed deflectors minimize the risk of objects becoming trapped. • The hypoid helical gear produces lower noise level -- maximum of 55 dB(A) -- and performs more efficiently than conventional worm-gear machines. • Our truss design allows for extremely precise alignment and adjustment of the pallet and handrail guidance system resulting in a smooth and quality operation. All units are factory tested prior to shipping to the job site. By any criterion, the right decision The Otis NCT takes the confusion out of your decision and replaces it with confidence. Reliable Otis tests all components to ensure an average life expectancy of more than 20 years without major overhauls. Attractive The balustrade's slim profile is the benchmark design feature of Otis TRAV-O-LATOR moving walks. We offer a wide variety of finishes, pallet widths and optional features to satisfy your transportation requirements. Experienced Experience, and the efficiency and safety it affords. With Otis, you tap the resources of the world's most experienced escalator and elevator company. You benefit from Otis' technological expertise, its worldwide network of elevator and escalator specialists, and its unparalleled customer service center, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Otis on the Internet: © Otis Elevator Company 2000 ESC-5103 (0900)

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