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C-Leg® Product Line

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Otto Bock HealthCare is a leading global supplier of innovative products for people with limited mobility. Our vision is to excel as the global leader in maintaining and restoring human independence. Our action is determined by our mission: through our global organization to provide high-quality, innovative, technologically superior products, services and education to enhance the physical comfort, condence, independence and mobility of human beings.

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C-Leg® Product Line Mobility Redened Those who want to enjoy their life to the fullest have better things The C-Leg® combines innovative functions and modern design to do than concentrate on every step. This is why Otto Bock, in the with proven C-Leg® Technology. Many years of experience as eld of Orthobionic®, is always striving to provide better solutions well as ideas and wishes suggested by many C-Leg® users have for people with limited mobility. With microprocessor-controlled given us the impetus and the inspiration to ongoing development systems like the C-Leg® Product Line, already...

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The C-Leg Product Line - 5

Based on the C-Leg® Technology, the new C-Leg®compact has The user-friendly C-Soft software and the wireless BionicLink been precisely tailored to the needs of less active amputees who adjustment aid allow you to individually tune and optimize the require a high degree of stability. It offers the most efcient pro- performance of each C- Leg® while saving the settings for future tection against falls according to the state-of-the-art technology reference or adjustment. The optimum combination of individually and provides signicantly more stability even in unsafe situations congurable...

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C-Leg® Technology in Detail The introduction of the C-Leg® in 1997 ushered in the era of mechanism is realized using a complex system of sensors. This microprocessor-controlled prosthetic systems and made possible system consists of a knee position sensor as well as aerospace for the rst time the intelligent control of a prosthetic knee and grade strain gauges located in the tube adapter. The sensor sys- the ability to adjust its function to individual gait patterns. The tem records the strain in the system, the ankle moments above application of this advanced technology in the C-Leg®...

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The result is a system that makes it possible for amputees to walk switches to the swing-through phase only when required. C-Leg® comfortably without constantly thinking about their prosthesis. Technology offers users of the system many additional benets They can enjoy life once again. Whether walking down inclines, including: permanent stance phase security, the possibility to load stairs or on uneven ground (e.g. hiking paths), the C-Leg® and the prosthesis during exion, dynamic alignment, reduced energy C-Leg®compact systems automatically adjust to maintain appropriate expenditure when...

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The C-Leg Product Line - 8

C-Leg® Technology 1 Pyramid Adapter The pyramid adapter connects the C-Leg®/C-Leg®compact to the prosthetic socket. For amputees with especially long residual limbs or knee disarticulation, a C-Leg®/C-Leg®compact with a threaded connector is an available option. 2 Electronics The electronics are protected in the top part of the C-Leg® frame. The integrated microprocessor performs all measurement and control processes. 3 Knee Angle Sensor The knee angle sensor measures the exion angle and the angular speed of the joint. It supplies the information for the dynamic control of swing phase and...

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The C-Leg Product Line - 10

The Fitting Standard Imagine a carefree stroll in the shopping mall. Checking out new The knee joint automatically adapts to every situation – whether stores, trying on clothes, carrying your bags home in triumph. Or walking downstairs, over uneven grass, or maneuvering through consider inline skating with friends and enjoying the wind in your crowds. C-Leg® can help the amputee spend less energy think- face. People with limb differences can now more easily enjoy ing about each step, and more energy simply enjoying life. The these activities with the C-Leg® microprocessor-controlled knee....

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Function The application of C-Leg® Technology ensures that the new C-Leg® will always recognize the appropriate phase of gait and will adjust in real time according to its user’s needs. Regardless of stride length or frequency of gait, the knee angle sensor always supplies the necessary information for dynamic control of the swing phase. A special 2nd mode makes it possible to adjust the C-Leg® to special activities like inline skating, bicycle riding, etc. An integrated yielding function helps users achieve a nearly physiological gait pattern. Wireless Remote Control The C-Leg® with...

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The C-Leg Product Line - 13

Ascension Day 2000: Frank Willfeld looses control over his paragliding chute during an audacious maneuver. It stalls and the then 29-year-old plunges down into the deepness. The residents who have sighted the accident promptly alerted emergency services. Frank Willfeld has been lying in coma for twelve days and his state was critical. During the crash he gets his left femur shattered and an artery lacerated. Moreover, his spine, right femur, ankle, and right hand are broken. Though the doctors succeeded in saving Frank Willfeld’s life, his left leg has to be amputated. Frank Willfeld has...

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Anja Rassler was born with a disability in 1982. Her right leg is strongly shortened and shall be lengthened articially by means of so called xators. The treatment starts in 1990 and three years later the surgeons advise the amputation. Anjas’ bones are not strong enough to bear the loads while walking and standing. Her muscles are stretched due to permanent overstrain. ”My parents were great support to me at that times and have always rallied my spirits,” reminds the 26-year-old of her stays in the hospital and hard time after the surgery. Thanks to her family, she has learned to always...

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