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Everyday Activity Seat - 2

Stronger together. We work with individuals, therapists and carers to design products with both a clinical and an emotional focus. Using the latest research and clinical understanding, we create practical solutions which are easily integrated into family life, because for us, life is about going, enjoying, participating and doing.

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Everyday Activity Seat - 3

24 hour postural care for babies, kids & adults. Sleeping, Sitting, Standing, Walking, Moving, Bathing, Toileting.

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Everyday Activity Seat - 4

Whether you’re READING, learning, communicating or PLAYING... it’s all in a day’s work with the Everyday Activity Seat.

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Everyday Activity Seat - 6

The options available – 3 sizes,* 2 chassis, 3 colours and a range of accessories – allow the therapist to exactly match the client’s postural and practical needs. Provides an optimal level of postural support for children with moderate needs so that they can enjoy activities at home, school or in respite.

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Everyday Activity Seat - 7

For people of all ages and abilities, postural stability is the key to performing everyday tasks such as eating, writing, or using a computer – anything which requires co-ordinated motor control. That’s why Leckey has developed the Everyday Activity Seat, specifically for children with moderate needs. These children do not need the same advanced level of postural support as those with complex needs, but they still require pelvic stability to perform everyday tasks to the best of their abilities. And stability is what the Everyday Activity Seat provides. The seat has been designed to be easy...

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Everyday Activity Seat - 8


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Everyday Activity Seat - 9

dayfor ery g y Ev tin da s seaevery ience per ex BOARD GAMES ON A RAINY THURSDAY

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Everyday Activity Seat - 10

4. four-POINT pelvic harness 13. tilt-in-space 5. armrests 12. side pads 6. pommel 11. seat base 7. sandals

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Everyday Activity Seat - 11

1. Cushioned headrest with depth and height adjustment has removable, machine washable covers. 8. The height and angle adjustable footplate can be flipped up to facilitate transfer. It is available in metal or wood (not shown). 2. Cushion covers come in three bright colours and can be removed and machine washed. The seat base cover tucks under the front of the seat for added comfort. 9. The manoeuvrable lockable 100mm castors move freely over flooring in the home, school or therapy environments. 3. A range of height and angle adjustable chest laterals are available. Standard, flip-away or...

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Everyday Activity Seat - 12

three CLINICAL ADVANTAGES OF USING THE EVERYDAY ACTIVITY SEAT OPTIMAL POSTURE + STABILITY EVERYDAY Additional pelv ic support bene fits children with m oderate postur al control needs because the pe lvis provides the ke y to overall po stural stability. The Ev eryday Activity Seat offers exceptio nal pelvic posi tioning with a four-poi nt pelvic harnes s. Complemente d by the seat’s simple range of trunk , head, leg an d foot positioning ad justments in ke eping with the needs of this group of children, the Ev eryday Activity Seat provides optim al postural stab ility. OPTIM COMF EVERY

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Everyday Activity Seat - 13

1. Hi-low chassis at floor level to allow little brother to join in. 2. Mid-height in line with the TV to play with the Wii. 3. Meal-time: table height with armrests lowered. MAL FORT EVERYDAY It is not possible to sustain an optimal posture without comfort because discomfort disturbs posture. The Everyday Activity Seat is designed with comfort of the young person in mind in every aspect. From the soft, breathable covers, to the moulded armrests, and the clever seat base cover which tucks underneath the seat base, the Everyday Activity Seat ensures the comfort (and therefore postural...

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Everyday Activity Seat - 14

EVERYDAY SIZES Size Weight - seat and basic chassis Weight - seat and hi-low chassis Seat height - basic chassis Seat height - hi-low chassis Seat width Seat depth Lateral distance Back height Back angle Armrest height Lower leg length - basic chassis Lower leg length - hi-low chassis Footplate angle

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Everyday Activity Seat - 15

Seat shell and chassis The standard product includes one piece seat base, split backrest with push handle and chassis with gas spring (hi-low chassis only) and 100mm castors. Everyday Activity Seat on basic chassis Everyday Activity Seat on hi-low chassis Seat shell on basic chassis Cover pack Seat shell on hi-low chassis Each cover pack will include the following: Seat base cushion & cover Backrest cushion & cover Sacral pad inserts Green & Grey Blue & Grey Pink & Grey For service policies on all products outside warranty, please contact your Customer Service department. James Leckey...

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Everyday Activity Seat - 16

EVERYDAY ACCESSORIES Contoured headrest hardware and grey cover Flat headrest hardware and grey cover Flat headrest hardware and grey cover (incl laterals) Rigid PU chest laterals (grey cover included) Flip-away PU chest laterals (grey cover included) Basic chest laterals (grey cover included) Complex flip-away chest laterals Protraction pads

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Everyday Activity Seat - 17

Chest harness Trunk harness (black) Trunk harness extension straps (grey cover included) Side pads (pair, shown with Side pad grey covers (pair) Pommel grey covers) Activity tray (plastic) Activity tray (wood) 4-point pelvic harness Footplate (metal) Footplate (wood) Sandals, incl straps Sandal raiser (single, not shown)

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Everyday Activity Seat - 18

Established in 1983, Leckey is a globally recognised pioneer in the research and development of products that help adults and children with disabilities to go, do, enjoy and participate in everyday activities throughout the day and night. We take a highly clinical approach to product design and development. Through in-depth clinical research studies with leading universities, and extensive trials with occupational therapists, physiotherapists, users and their families, we continue to develop posturally supportive, family friendly products for all day care, at every stage of life. Through...

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Everyday Activity Seat - 20

Manufacturer Leckey 19 Ballinderry Road Lisburn BT28 2SA Northern Ireland United Kingdom Distributor Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH Max-Näder-Straße 15 37115 Duderstadt Germany 24 hour postural care for babies, kids & adults. Sleeping, Sitting, Standing, Walking, Moving, Bathing, Toileting. 646D686=EN-01-1209

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