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Product Information Kimba Neo Made for Living

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Otto Bock HealthCare | Kimba Neo

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Kimba Neo - 3

The new Kimba Neo • Functional, chic and comfortable • Suspension absorbs shocks • Especially soft padding • Stable sitting position to assist with therapy • Individually adjustable • Seat can be placed so that it faces parents • Easy to use • A wide variety of additional features Kimba Neo The best for your life Parents want only the best for their children. The rehab individual settings. Because the child is stable when seated, buggy should satisfy the exact needs of their child and the he/she can actively experience the environment and train circumstances of their family, should provide...

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Kimba Neo - 4

Perfect seating Every child is different. That’s why the Kimba Neo seat can be adjusted to meet your child’s needs. Once the parents have been informed which seating position is optimal for their child, they can adjust the seat with only a few hand movements. Even the suspension is adaptable, keeping the child safe and secure. Your child will be seated in a comfortable and stable position, which provides support and allows for activity. Individual adjustment options • Seat width and depth • Lower leg length • Back height • All angles (back, knees, feet) • Chest and head supports •...

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Kimba Neo - 5

Headrests/ pads Chest pads Foot rest le stable to ang Foot rest adju rest of e feet. The foot g starts with th Proper seatin undation: ides the best fo imba Neo prov K able dividually adjust • Angles are in cle tone • Good for mus ot prophylaxis • Aids in clubfo used ot straps can be • Additional fo Therapeutic benefits Multi-purpose seat do not sink, but instead The pelvis and the trunk sition: remain stable in their po • Encourages activity • Trains motor skills the back • Posture that is good for of movement for the • Allows more freedom s trunk and upper extremitie e in instances of •...

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Kimba Neo - 6

Otto Bock HealthCare | Kimba Neo

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Kimba Neo - 7

No child can sit in the same position for long. This is especially the case for children with motor disorders, even more so with dysfunction in the control of the torso and pelvis. Kimba Neo therefore makes it especially easy for parents to change between the active and resting positions. Thanks to the continuously adjustable seat tilt the seat inclination can be adjusted with a single hand grip - also in order to relieve the spinal column. For a nap you Seat tilt can simply bend the backrest into a reclining position. Therapeutic benefits The seat inclines through use of the seat tilt...

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Kimba Neo - 8

For happy and critical moments Children with seizure disorders must always be in view of Accessories for increased comfort their parents. Therefore the Kimba Neo seat can be re- Even when it rains parents and grandparents can always moved, reversed and then put back in so that it is facing have their child in view - thanks to the window in the can- opy. If the weather is good they simply attach the tray (grey Or the grandparents. Because at the beginning they often or transparent) to the frame. This not only promotes mo- still feel uncertain and are happy if they have the laugh of tor...

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Kimba Neo - 9

Kimba Neo | Otto Bock HealthCare

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Kimba Neo - 10

Kimba Neo at a glance It’s as easy as this. Removal of the seat/ turning the seat Adjusting The seat can be removed without tools. Just open the mount and lift the seat out. Put the seat back with the child facing you. the push bar Press the buttons on the hinge mechanism and pull the bar to the desired height. Folding up the buggy The seat and everything on it stays on the lower frame. Just release the latch and fold the buggy together with one hand. Then just put it in the boot. Swivel lock Push the lock forward with your hand or foot and move on. The steering mechanism automatically...

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Kimba Neo - 11

Adjustment of the seat tilt Turn the upper rotary handle on the backrest to the right and place the seat in the position that your child needs at the moment. Let go of the rotary handle to fix the position. All settings are retained. Your child relaxes and its spinal column is relieved. Adjusting the back angle Loosen the lower screw (turn to the left), until the backrest can be moved freely. Adjust the backrest as desired and retighten the screw. Brake When placing your child into or taking your child out of the buggy the braking mechanism is to be engaged. Step on the brake arm and the...

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Kimba Neo - 12

Kimba Neo is equipped for all contingencies. Headrests / Pads • Continuous height and width settings • Soft padding • Covers are washable Thoracic pads • Continuous height and width settings • Keeps the trunk stable • Helps in remaining upright • Encourages arm motor activity • Covers of padding washable Hip pads • Seat width and seat depth continuously adjustable • Keeps pelvis and trunk stable • Covers of padding washable Footplate • Angle of the footstep adjustable • Adjustable lower leg length • Can be flipped up • With anatomical length compensation Otto Bock HealthCare | Kimba Neo...

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Kimba Neo - 13

Chest and shoulder pads Padded pelvic strap Kimba Neo | Otto Bock HealthCare

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Kimba Neo - 14

Colours, Options and Sizes Silver metallic frame colour Black mat frame colour with standard padding with Microfibre Melange padding Sun canopy Grab rail Storage bag Tray grey Tray transparent 14 Otto Bock HealthCare | Kimba Neo

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Kimba Neo - 15

Padding: Soft and cuddly - just right for children The new paddings of the Kimba Neo do not only look especially attractive, but also fulfil their therapeutic function. They stabilize your child exactly where support is needed. Thanks to the durable, washable and at the same time soft and cuddly materials (microfiber mixture), your child will feel snug and secure. Standard padding colours Microfibre Melange padding colours Lime green/Beige Outdoor mobility base, size 1 Multifunc. seating unit, size 1 Overall width Seat width Front wheel diameter Seat depth Rear wheel diameter Backrest...

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