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Ottobock Kids – Pediatric Mobility Aids Ottobock Kids Pediatric Mobility Aids

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1 | Seating Systems 2 | Wheeling and Mobility Bases 3 | Standing 4 | Walking 5 | Lying and Early Intervention 6 | Bathing and Toileting

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Ottobock Kids Stronger Together Ottobock Kids pediatric portfolio is comprised of the most comprehensive positioning aids on the market. Our diverse selection meets every range of positioning needs, from mild, moderate to complex. And covers around the clock positioning, which facilitates mobility at every stage of life. Whether sitting, standing, wheeling, walking or sleeping children will feel supported and parents experience ease of use, transportability and modern appeal. Guided by the principles Ottobock was founded on, our position remains clear, “to maintain and restore human...

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Table of Contents 1 | Seating Systems

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5 | Lying and Early Intervention

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interact eye-toeye with peers sleep patterns By providing a seating solution, children are enabled to gain more independence and Aids with improve interactiondigestion, peers during bowel function playtime and home at school or in the bladder environment drainage ulation sure Postural support improves coordination between muscles, joints and salivary glands Improves respiration and voice control α Enables kids to interact eye-toeye with peers Improves visual line leading α to greater awareness, social interaction and responsiveness Improves wellbeing, alertness and sleep patterns...

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Kimba Neo In its third generation, the Kimba Neo sets a new standard in pediatric care. The mobility base (page 46) reflects function and simplicity for parents, while providing maximum comfort and support for the client. The Kimba Neo Basic Seat (page 12) offers a modern design and improved functionallity. Ottobock Pediatrics is all about inclusion, and providing solutions that support children in the home, school and community settings. Complementing the line Kimba Neo line are a variety of Kimba mobility bases and seating systems from our partners at Leckey – leading to progressive...

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Kimba Neo Basic Seating System Features • Adjust back angle by turning wide grip knob located on lower portion of the seat • Optional headrest offers continuous height and width settings • Thoracic pads keep the trunk stable, encourage arm motor activity and offer continuous height and width adjustment • Hip guides keep pelvis and trunk stable, provide height and width adjustment • Adjustable abductor guide for thighs available in three sizes • Footplate is angle adjustable, offers lower leg length setting and can be flipped up easily during transportation • Seat can be placed to face...

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Seat inclines through use of seat tilt Reverse seat to face parent or caregiver • Rest position relieves pressure on the spine • Children always under supervision • Active position stimulates the muscles of the torso • Quick reaction to indications • All original settings are retained when tilting • Increased interaction with child • Tilt adjustment knob can be placed on side of stroller base, accommodating different seating systems Continuous inclination of the backrest • Backrest can be adjusted according to the needs of the child • Continuously variable settings of knee and hip angles in...

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• Fixation vest • Chest & shoulder harness • Groin strap • Pelvic belt, padded • Integrated headrest • Neck support • Seat depth reduction • Lumbar support padding • Tray, grey • Tray, transparent • Incontinence cover • Diaper bag in upholstery colour • Sun canopy in upholstery colour, grab rail • Rain cover (included with sun canopy) Slipsack Dimensions Size • Summer/winter slipsack

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Kimba Plus Seating System The Kimba Plus seat provides superior support with the adjustability to accommodate a child’s growth. The modular seating system can be adapted with numerous components and accessories- from headrests to swing-away laterals to positioning trays- that will ensure the best fit possible and will provide enhanced comfort for a child. The Plus Seat also comes in two different sizes, with three attractive upholstery options. Its easy adjustability, lightweight frame, and many features make it a perfect fit for busy families on the go! Headrests with adjustable hardware...

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• eadrest with adjustable H hardware • ixed angle lateral supports F • lbow positioning pads E • Padded positioning belt • utterfly harness with snap B closure • ootplate buildup with padding F • xygen tank holder O • oot straps with hook and loop F strap • orizontal vent tray H • ertical vent tray V

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Mygo Seating System The Mygo Seating System’s ground breaking design is the culmination of over 25 years experience working with parents, therapists, technicians and kids from all over the world. Mygo Seating System’s design allows therapists to optimize posture, function and comfort. The adjustability of the Mygo provides clinicians with the tools to maximize pelvic stability, trunk and head alignment, and leg and foot positioning. Check out Mygo Seat video online 17 14350_KidsMCatl-seating-FPV.indd 17

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Head • Wider contoured headrest providing greater lateral support. 1. Larger contoured headrest • Increased back height by 10 cm (can be retro fitted to old Mygo seat bases but complete new backrest assembly is required). • 2 armrest height options: Size 1: 16–21 cm, Size 2: 21– 26 cm. 2. Contoured shoulder section/ backrest extension • Pelvic cradle and hip guide. • Increased seat depth adjustment by 5 cm. • Depth of seat cushion increased to 5 cm for improved pressure relief. Seat • Design of seat base cushion changed to be one piece cushion for improved comfort. Legs & Feet • Greater...

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6. The 4 point pelvic harness with integral hip guides gives a secure, stable base of support, is cushioned for comfort and can be adjusted to ensure a mid line position. 7. Flexible sacral support 7. Flexible sacral cushion, which can be shaped to the contours of the lower back, supports the lower spine in the desired position by encouraging a degree of forward tilt in the pelvis and lower trunk extension. In cases of lumbar lordosis, the pelvic positioning system can help achieve a more neutral position, with the sacral cushion being designed to mould to the child’s shape and maintain a...

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