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Impulses for your Life Product information

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Otto Bock HealthCare | stiwell med4

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Alexandra After a car accident, Alexandra B. was paralyzed, suffered from the consequences of a cerebral hemorrhage and could not talk anymore. However, her iron will remained. Doctors had prognosticated a life as a severely handicapped person. Today, however, Alexandra can again walk as well as take care of her son and her household. Her experiences with the treatment method of functional electrotherapy: “The stimulation helps to sense where the movement is taking place and where it comes from. The patient then tries to join in with these movements. And then came the day when I was able to...

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Versatile and individual at the same time ween compensatory muscle activities and to effect a targe- The many functions of the STIWELL med4 electro-stimu- ted implementation of EMG-triggered stimulations further- lator make room for a broad field of therapeutic application. more contributes to the selective training. This same versatility also allows to customize the stimulator for individual home therapy. The selection wheel and the Biofeedback games clearly laid out menu guide make STIWELL med4 an intui- Coordination, endurance and strength are directly depen- tively operable assistance...

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stiwell med4 | Otto Bock HealthCare

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Functionality & Effects Wide range of functional movements In order to simulate and approximate complex functions of an extremity to the respective physiological movement pattern, three or four muscle groups generally have to be activated simultaneously or in sequence. As a first, the functional electric stimulation with STIWELL med4 can accomplish this task. For example, patients can grasp objects, position them with accuracy and again let go of them. They can also extend their arms in order to utilize their supportive leaning function. For motor movements of this kind, serial contractions...

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Incontinence In myo- and biofeedback training, the unconscious contraction motion of the pelvic floor is indicated visually. The thus achieved cognition of physiological functions gives patients conscious control of their illness-related malfunctions. The electrodes for the EMG transmission are inserted into the body or onto the surface. The training of the urethral and rectal closing mechanism consists of the coordination between the muscles of the stomach, bladder and pelvic floor. square impulse triangular impulse Stimulation of denervated Vaginal electrode Rectal electrode Surface...

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Otto Bock HealthCare Products GmbH Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH |

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