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Shoulder joint orthosis with an award-winning design Information for expert groups

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Post-operative and post-traumatic conditions of the shoulder and arm region that require abduction positioning of the arm, e.g. after: • Rotator cuff surgery • Reduction of posterior shoulder dislocation • Subcapital fractures of the humerus • Shoulder impingement syndrome • Shoulder replacement surgery • Operative shoulder stabilization Body height All indications that require immobilization of the shoulder joint at 10°, 20° or 30° of external rotation or in a combined abduction and external rotation position, e.g.: • Condition after anterior shoulder dislocation • Bankart lesion...

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Unique functional diversity Individual abduction and rotation adjustment The Omo Immobil shoulder joint orthosis features outstanding functionality for post-operative and post-traumatic shoulder fittings. Due to its many adjustment options, immobilization of the shoulder joint with the Omo Immobil orthosis can be individually adapted to patient requirements. The slim and attractive design was recognised with the 2009 iF product design award in gold. Advantages at a glance • Individually adjustable thanks to unique functional diversity • Breathable, washable pad for a high level of wearer...

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The Omo Immobil shoulder joint orthosis is used after surgery and in case of shoulder injuries. Key therapy goals include anatomically correct and secure positioning of the shoulder, relief of the shoulder joint and pain reduction. What does external rotation mean? External rotation describes the rotational movement of the upper arm outwards around its own longitudinal axis so that the hand moves away from the body. What advantages does external rotation offer? The latest scientific and clinical findings have shown that after anterior shoulder dislocation and Bankart lesion, positioning the...

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The Omo Immobil orthosis should be applied and removed by a second person in order to keep the user's arm securely and gently in position. Please see the 646D350 Quick Start Guide for more information. Setting the body side Upon delivery, the orthosis is preset for use on the right arm. Fold over the arm rest (1) to adjust it to the left side of the body. • Remove the waist belt and hand pad and reattach them laterally reversed on the opposite side of the torso component (2). • Remove the arm straps and undo the shoulder strap closure. • Turn the shoulder pad on the strap so that the seam...

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Hook and loop abduction wedge for quick, easy adjustment The Omo Immobil orthosis offers a number of abduction angles, thereby supporting optimum positioning of the arm with each individual fitting. The angles can be set quickly and easily using the abduction wedges, which are attached with hook and loop patches. Optional elements for setting external rotation In addition to functional positioning of the shoulder through abduction, the 50A11 Omo Immobil Rotation orthosis also allows for positioning of the shoulder with external rotation. Any combination of abduction and external rotation...

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Stable tube frame Despite the low weight, the functional tube frame gives the orthosis stability and allows for comfortable and secure positioning of the arm. Hand pad, attaches with hook and loop patch The hand pad, which attaches with a hook and loop patch, ensures comfortable positioning of the hand and can be individually positioned depending on the forearm length. Functional hook and loop closures at the strap ends as well as return loops on the shoulder strap and waist belt provide for easy application and removal of the orthosis. For easy and comfortable handling, the straps can be...

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