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Anterior Knee Pain Dynamic Re-alignment with Patella Pro Information for specialist dealers

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" y experience with Patella Pro was M very good: I felt that my knee was stable and that I didn't need to be afraid any more." Judith, 24, patient with anterior knee pain

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Innovative Solution for Pain Dynamic Patella Tracking Every fourth knee problem is anterior knee pain. Anterior knee pain is one of the most frequent indications This makes it all the more surprising that it has thus far been extremely difficult to break the vicious circle of pain, avoiding movement and relieving posture. For many patients therapeutic measures go on for years. They rarely achieve complete pain relief. Working together with experts from the Clinical Excellence Circle, a group of specialised physicians, therapists, biome- chanics, and engineers, Ottobock developed a new...

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Stop the Pain Causes and Therapy of Anterior Knee Pain A number of symptoms that cannot be assigned to any specific structure are combined under the term “anterior knee pain” or “patellofemoral pain syndrome.” The risk of maltracking is particularly high for low flexion angles of 10°-30°, when the patella is not tracked firmly in the patellofemoral groove. It is often triggered by joint strain, such as from excessive stress in sports, in connection with weak hip muscles or malposition of the foot, and from imbalances of the thigh muscles. The usually conservative treatment is prolonged and...

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Breaking the Vicious Circle Patella Pro improves patella tracking Pain and inflammation in the anterior knee joint Patella Pro fitting Dilemma of anterior knee pain Reduces pain, promotes healing Poor patella tracking e.g. due to muscular problems, wear and tear Changes and avoidance of movement Patella Move programme optimises muscle coordination and joint mobility

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In 2004, Judith's dream of an athletic career ended. The ambitious roller figure skater was diagnosed with "anterior knee pain." At first the 24-yearold thought the pain would go away on its own. But she was wrong: it wasn't until eight years later that she found the right therapy. She could hardly move due to the pain: she could no longer use the clutch when driving and she was in pain when she walked down stairs. This was a major restriction in the quality of life for a young woman. Treatment took a long time: Physical therapy, electrostimu­ lation and a training program specifically...

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Chances for a Comeback "It all started about four years ago," remembers Tonda. At that time, the now 20-year-old played football very actively. "Especially when making sudden movements and passes and taking shots at the goal, I felt shooting pain below my kneecap." And it lasted several days after training or sports, also restricting Tonda in his everyday activities. His physician diagnosed Osgood-Schlatter disease – an irritation of the patella tendon – and prescribed physical therapy and a support. There was no long-term improvement. "When I went back to training after a break of three to...

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Good Tracking Dynamic Patella Re-alignment Patella Pro tracks the patella in the relevant physiological flexion angles from 10°-30°. The frequently inflamed soft tissue is relieved and knee pain is alleviated by the functional relief of joint structures. After reaching a flexion angle of 30°, when the patella is tracked firmly in the trochlea and supported by muscles, compression no longer increases with greater flexion. Patella Pro prevents overcorrection or even patella tilt. H igh risk patella maltracking of (shifting outward) ower risk of L patella maltracking recise tracking P of the...

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Study Confirms Effect Patella is Medialised All studies so far have confirmed the effectiveness of Patella Pro. A cadaver study at the German Sports University in Cologne proved the biomechanical function of patella re-alignment1: It showed "medialisation of the patella during the entire extension movement of the knee." A study on seven patients also showed pronounced improvement of medialisation compared with the comparison groups with no orthosis and with a different orthosis. Medialisation effect "The use of the Patella Pro orthosis for patients with unstable patella and PFPS showed...

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Good News for Medical Suppliers, Therapists and Patients Very comfortable and easy to use Individually adjustable With hook and loop points and incremental settings, Patella Pro can be adjusted precisely to the patient's individual requirements. Provides relief Precise patella tracking in the patellofemoral groove relieves cartilage. Very comfortable The material of the Patella Pro is lightweight and breathable. The vector grip effect keeps it in place. This results in a truly comfortable orthosis for the user.

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In the past, therapists and medical supply stores had to urge patients with anterior knee pain to be patient and could not offer them much help. Now they can offer patients fast, effective support: Patella Pro allows them to move more safely and without pain. Patients quickly regain a better quality of life. Dynamic re-alignment Patella Pro always provides the proper amount of tracking. Advantages for the supplier • Innovative, state-of-the-art product • Little effort • Easy to adjust • Rapid effect • Satisfied patients Easy to use At the first use, the orthosis can be adjusted individually...

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