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Lower Extremities

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Lower Extremities Limited edition for the company's 90-year anniversary.

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Technology · Innovation · Design · Functionality · Quality Dear customers, partners and friends of Otto Bock, Helping people with physical impairments regain maximum mobility and independence—and thus quality of life—is a great responsibility. It’s also serves as our motivation. We rely on our nine decades of experience in orthopedic technology to create products that are focused on the patient, It is this objective that ties us daily to our industry partners, and which reinforces the keen interest in our shared task. The challenge to help the physically disabled “quickly and in a...

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First headquarters of Orthopädische Industrie GmbH located at Köpenicker Straße 147 in Berlin (1919) Otto Bock and his daughter Maria (centre) in 1926, at one of the regular training courses in Königsee Wood processing on the Euzenberg Company founder Otto Bock with his wife Maria Turning machine for wood components Technical drawing for a knee-calf component made of wood (1922) In the 40s, poplar wood was transported by horse-drawn carts Otto Bock letter from the 50s Otto Bock dedicates himself to the advancement of prosthetic components. He provides training courses for prosthetists from...

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Transfer protocol from 1948 Otto Bock at the balancing device (1952) Max Näder with a knee-calf component Patented application technology for prosthetists has always been part of the Otto Bock service philosophy. Individual socket positioning is determined using the balance device by Bayerl, Bothe and Franke. With contemporary computer technology, the L.A.S.A.R Posture now offers an objective, optimised prosthesis alignment process. Two new developments - th leg prosthesis system – lea Modular leg pros Modular leg pros knee joint and so elements invented to be exchanged. A key Otto Bock the...

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Dr. Max and Hans Georg Näder with Dr. Rita Süssmuth at the 1991 World Congress in Berlin Hans-Dietrich Genscher and Hans Georg Näder at RehaCare 2000 in Leipzig In 2003, Hans Georg Näder is honoured as Entrepreneur of the Year in the industry category Hans Georg Näder gives Gerhard and Hiltrud Schröder a tour of the Otto Bock production facilities Otto Bock strengthens its position as a market leader with new developments in prosthetics. Innovative knee joints and prosthetic feet are added to the modular system, and titanium is used as a light weight material. Otto Bock introduces miniature...

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In 2005, premier Christian Wulff presents the Lower Saxony State Award to Hans Georg Näder Hans Georg Näder is appointed honorary professor at the private Göttingen University of Applied Sciences in 2005 The C-Leg® leg prosthesis system The SuperFour® outdoor vehicle Aerial view of the company head­ quarters in Duderstadt ty research and development in addition to introducing product manage­ velopment workshop at the Göttingen University Hospital commences arbon foot and a new generation of modular knee joints further improve er extremities prosthetics. controlled stance phase flexion. Like...

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Excellent prospects Medical technology is regarded as one of the most important drivers of future economic growth. Healthcare faces tremendous challenges due to demographic trends with a continuous increase in the proportion of the elderly. With its innovative technologies, Otto Bock helps people stay mobile and independent as they age. Sales of Otto Bock HealthCare are expected to increase by more than 10 percent annually, reaching close to EUR 770 million by 2013. 1,300 new jobs are anticipated during the same period. Even now, Otto Bock HealthCare has approximately 3,900 employees around...

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of the company premises – the new administrative centre can be in the foreground (1969) Patent certificate from 1969 Advertisements for myoelectric arm prostheses and modular leg prostheses he myoelectric arm prosthesis and the modular ad to prosperity in the 60s and 70s. stheses: sthesis systems set the standard for amputee fittings. The prosthetic foot, ocket are connected by special adapters. These adjustable connecting ed by Otto Bock in 1969 permit static corrections and allow components d. k patent and a true milestone that changed leg prosthesis fittings around id adapter, consisting...

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Otto Bock Today: A Company in Constant Change “Otto Bock HealthCare is a global leader of innovative products for people with limited mobility. With top quality and technologically superier products and services, we help people to maintain or regain their freedom of motion.” (Prof. H. G. Näder, CEO and President) For over 85 years, Otto Bock has been a landmark for technology, innovation, quality and customer focus. Driven by pioneering spirit, courage and determination, Otto Bock founded Otto Bock Orthopädische Industrie GmbH in Berlin in 1919. With the courage to explore new avenues and...

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Successful Product Selection and Fitting – a Well Thought-Out Plan! Otto Bock and its partners makes it their mission and task to increase the quality of life for people with disabilities through up-to-date, innovative and high-quality prosthetic devices. In order to meet all the tting demands for amputations of the lower extremities, we offer a time-proven, comprehensive delivery and performance program. The many different models of prosthesis feet, adapters, liners, knee and hip joints as well as prosthesis accessories allow nding the best possible individual solution for every user and...

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Symbol Legend Search, Find and Order The catalog has 11 chapters. The three main chapters are Leg Prostheses for Children, Modular Leg Prostheses and Exoskeletal Leg Prostheses. Though not listed in the Table of Contents, sub-sections on Exoskeletal Leg Prostheses can be found within the chapter. Modular Lower Limb Prostheses Initial and Interim Prostheses Initial/Interim Prostheses Alignment of Modular Leg Prostheses · System Height · EasySelect Modular Lower Leg Prostheses Limb Prostheses for Children Modular Knee Joints · Mechanical Knee Joints · C-Leg®-Product Line Firma Firma Order...

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