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Socket Technology We understand that your patients are different. But all of them rely on your prosthesis every step of the way. It‘s not just a desire – it is a necessity. Satisfying this need is our goal in Socket Technology – the science of defining the correct material and suspension method to provide maximum protection and performance. We understand the unique benefits of different liner materials. That is why Otto Bock offers you a material choice in prosthetic liners to fit your patient’s individual needs. Our liner portfolio includes products made from silicone, copolymer and...

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Socket Technology Liners Harmony® Shuttle Lock-Systems Harmony® System Vacuum Assisted Socket System Residual Limb Socks Accessories for Socket Technologies hane Maßline r · Untersch enkel-Lin er und Shape Bestellf ax: 05527 Plus Liner 848 1585 Auftragsnr.: echniker: ___________ ___________ me: ___________ ________ ___________ ___________ __ Links Rechts Orthopädietechniker: Patientenname: Links Orthopädietechniker Patientenname: Straße PLZ/Ort Maßliner 6Y416 Shape Plus u. Maßblatt nach Gipsabdruck 6Y417 nach Maß Custom Uniform (einheitliche Wandstärke) nach Maß Custom Tapered Measurement...

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Measurement example Liner Liners Distal circumference, reduced by 1-2 cm Distal circumference Silicone Liner The 6Y40 Silicone Liner is a basic and durable silicone prosthetic liner which is offered in both locking (6Y40) and non-locking (6Y41) options. Its thin walls are easy to deflect for application and can be used with a donning spray (6Y40F18). The locking liner is reinforced to reduce distal elongation and piston movement. The 6Y40 Silicone Liners are suitable for amputees with good soft tissue coverage in the low to medium activity levels. Order no. (order example): with distal...

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Silicone Gel Liner Liners The 6Y70 Silicone Gel Liner has been redesigned per input from the prosthetist and amputees. 6Y70 upgrades include a new softer silicone, with a silky skin-friendly internal surface, an internal distal elongation reduction system that does not interfere with circumferential stretch, an ultra smooth and durable silver outer textile and a soft distal cap. The 6Y70 (locking) and 6Y71 (non-locking) are suitable for amputees that require a softer silicone in the low to medium activity levels. Order no. (order example): with distal connector without distal connector 3 mm...

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Profile Liner Liner Liners The 6Y510 Profile Liner is an anatomically shaped skin-friendly polyurethane liner with flow characteristics providing good pressure distribution and high shock absorption. It is designed specifically for transtibial amputees and available in three lengths (knee center to distal end 75mm, 125mm, and 175mm). The 6Y510 Profile liner features a thicker wall in the weight-bearing area and a thinner wall outside the socket along with slight flexion for ease of knee flexion. The 6Y510 Profile is available with and without a textile cover and is suitable for transtibial...

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TF Adapt Liner Liners The 6Y80 TF Adapt Liner is a special silicone locking liner used exclusively for transfemoral amputees. The unique internal matrix textile eliminates elongation or piston movement for added security and control while allowing for circumferential stretch. The new silicone improves the suspension between the residual limb and the liner delivering stability for every step. The 6Y80 TF Adapt Liner is suitable for transfemoral amputees in low to moderate activity levels. Order no. (order example): with distal connector from approx. 4.5 mm distal tapered to 2.5 mm proximal...

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Liner Liners Otto Bock Custom Liners Custom Liners Otto Bock understands that your patients are unique with different challenges. Our Custom Liners are an excellent solution when a personalized fit is needed. Skin-friendly Polyurethane (PUR) Custom Liners Our Custom polyurethane liners offer quick flow characteristics providing good pressure distribution and high shock absorption which are suitable for amputees with sensitive residual limbs or limbs with bony protuberances and/or scarring in low to high activity levels. Custom Polyurethane liners are mostly used in combination with a...

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Locking and Non-Locking Silicone Custom Liners Our Custom Silicone Liners provide solutions when the situation requires locking liner suspension or added durability. The Custom Silicone liners range is from Custom versions of our 6Y70 and 6Y80 liners from your measurements to highly versatile and durable Custom Silicone House fabrication for unique shapes including extreme conical; scarring; multiple durometers; undercuts; varied lengths and thicknesses; and possible custom coloring for a truly personalized touch. 6Y70=M Custom Silicone Gel Liner from Measurements 6Y80=M 88L1 Custom TF...

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719S10 Wave Edge Scissors Liner Liners For cutting non textile covered silicone and polyurethane liners. 719S20 Special Scissors for Cutting Synthetic Fabrics For cutting fabric-covered liners. The special coating reduces wear to create an especially durable surface for cutting. The friction generated by the cutting constantly replenishes the ceramic oxide layer. The scissors are easy to use, especially for modern, high-performance fabrics, because the coating reduces the sliding coefficient. 640F18 Donning Spray for silicone liners – only! 640F18 45 ml Spray Bottle 640F18=900 900 ml Refill...

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Harmony® Systems Harmony® System The Harmony® System uses a pump and a one-way valve to effectively create vacuum between the socket and liner. With every step, the system is activated and maintains the required vacuum to control the volume of the residual limb while improving circulation. Shock absorbtion and torsion control add extra function. Better suspension improves proprioception, allowing the user to feel more connected to their environment and improving security in everyday life. The Harmony® System is used with either a standard or a custom polyurethane liner depending on the...

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