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Voyager Evo - 1

The next generation of lower limb prosthetics.

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Voyager Evo - 3

Anyone who has ever really rocked knows the challenges: only if the group plays together well can a convincing sound and performance be achieved. This requires top performance. By everyone. Keep on rocking.

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Voyager Evo - 4

Kevin Making music, coaching football players, conducting training sessions, writing a book... Kevin has a lot to do. And that's just what he does in his spare time. Kevin is a police officer. He loves his job. Talking to others is his favourite part. Kevin is convinced that one can only help people by listening to them and recognising their problems. He likes to help others. Sometimes he visits people in hospital who need an amputation after an accident or a crime. He talks to them about his own experience. He gives them courage. And his efforts are recognised: some time ago, his...

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Voyager Evo - 5

Genium. Walk naturally. The Genium – Bionic Prosthetic System is the intelligent next-generation leg prosthesis system: Extensive research and development, 14 years of practical experience with the C-Leg® (proven as the safest leg prosthesis system in the world) and many years of networking with users and technicians have led to a leg prosthesis system far superior to all others in terms of workmanship and functionality: with the Genium, everything happens in real time – and certain situations are even anticipated. Thanks to the latest in microprocessor, sensor and control technology, using...

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Voyager Evo - 7

The big step: Optimised Physiological Gait Sauntering through the city or taking a brisk walk through the woods – the best way to walk is with a natural, physiological gait. It is precisely this gait that the Genium – Bionic Prosthetic System virtually duplicates. Step by step, phase by phase – no matter on what surface, no matter at what speed. It’s unique: natural walking that also helps protect the rest of the user’s body, increases comfort, and offers astounding mobility in day to day life. How it works: Optimised physiological gait (OPG) reduces ground reaction forces. This means...

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Voyager Evo - 9

Anyone who has ever really played Frisbee is familiar with the challenges: wind from the side – quick lunge. The flight path is longer than you thought – back a few metres. And then there is the opponent, not to be underestimated, who wants to be first... Absolute coordination and total commitment are required here. Let's go!

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Voyager Evo - 11

Upstairs, Downstairs: The Groundbreaking Stair Function. A quick dash down the stairs because you can hear the underground and the escalator is out of order? Upstairs in a hurry as others are setting the pace? Stairs in particular show just what is possible with the new Genium – Bionic Prosthetic System: The stair function allows stairs to be negotiated stepover-step. A flowing movement pattern going upstairs as well as downstairs. A key function for greater everyday freedom. Just Step Over: The Amazing Obstacle Function Found a bargain at the antique shop. Now it's time to carry it out and...

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Voyager Evo - 12

Hamed He injured one of his legs as a child. Came to Germany where an attempt was made to save it. But it was in vain. It was a difficult time: a foreign culture, a foreign language – and a prosthesis. Hamed was twelve years old. He found his way, finished secondary school and vocational training. Hamed played on the national sitting volleyball team for a long time. But today he focuses entirely on his job. He still plays volleyball – with his colleagues at work. Standing up. When Hamed has time, he spends it doing things with friends. Or out in nature: going on bike tours, taking a quick...

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Voyager Evo - 13

The Convincing Standpoint: Stance Function – Also on Inclines During sports, when standing in line outside the cinema or renovating with friends... The stance function of the Genium – Bionic Prosthetic System is more natural, intelligent and safe. This is because the Genium itself differentiates between dynamic and static situations – so it knows when you are walking and when you are standing. It thereby combines the advantages of various prosthetic systems. It recognises when flexion is required and when to support weight while at rest. This permits a natural distribution of body weight...

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Voyager Evo - 14

Genium: Of Technology and Technician Numerous suggestions made by users and prosthetists were taken into account in the development of the Genium – Bionic Prosthetic System. In the end, this resulted in a groundbreaking leg prosthesis system that, with highly modern microprocessor-controlled technology, puts people first with their individual everyday needs. The Genium – Bionic Prosthetic System is assembled and adjusted to precisely meet your individual needs. Our professional local partner makes sure of that: your prosthetist. Talk to him. He knows you and, based on your individual...

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Voyager Evo - 15

Genium: Details Gyroscope, Acceleration Sensor and Angle Sensor The gyroscope and the acceleration sensor allow the acceleration and position of the Genium in space to be measured. An angle sensor determines the flexion angle and flexion angle speed of the joint. Knee Moment Sensor The knee moment sensor supplies data about the knee moment and therefore provides important information for precisely determining the forces acting on the prosthesis. Carbon Fibre Frame In order to withstand the variety of day-to-day stresses, the frame is made of carbon fibre – an especially strong, high-grade...

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Voyager Evo - 17

Questions and Answers about the Genium What are the key advantages of the Genium for the user? The Genium leg prosthesis system allows you to achieve a virtually natural, physiological gait pattern. This not only protects the contralateral side, but the entire locomotor system because fewer compensating movements are needed. The Genium is also the only passive leg prosthesis system that allows you to climb stairs step-overstep. Other advantages include crossing obstacles, even with the prosthesis as the leading leg, and safely walking backwards. The intelligent stance function permits...

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