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Xeno © Otto Bock • 646S2=3.08GB – Technical modifications reserved. Stand Up and Go! Enjoy the freedom of being able to stand up at a cashpoint, for example, or in a personal conversation with friends and family. Standing is now possible at any time. Moving from a sitting position to the physiologically important stretching of the entire body in a short time has a positive effect on circulation and protects joints. Supporting belt and pad systems make safe driving and standing possible - even at the same time. The Xeno also has the new innovative one wheel steering S³ (single servo steering), which takes up an ideal amount of space and has excellent driving features. Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH Max-Näder-Straße 15 · 37115 Duderstadt/Germany · Phone +49 5527 848 1590 · Fax +49 5527 848 1676 · reha-export@ottobock.de · www.ottobock.com

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Xeno Stand-up Device Features • Seat width and depth are easy to adjust; grow with the patient • Innovative one wheel force steering, Single Servo Steering • Battery drawer for better service • Dimensions and range for indoor and outdoor use • Trunk guidance pads, as well as headrest systems as an accessory • Biomechanical backrest, to avoid shearing forces • Electrical seat tilt and backrest adjustment • enAble50 driving control, for all Otto Bock special driving controls • Angle of table top can be adjusted (as of March 2009) Technical Data Speed Battery capacity Driving control Load...

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