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ANDOR an Oxford Instruments company High Energy Detection Solutions Beyond The Visible

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High Energy Detection Solutions Benefiting from over 20 years of cutting edge development and manufacture, Andor’s comprehensive range of high energy camera detection systems addresses a wide variety of imaging and spectroscopy applications from cell structure studies - medical research to material analysis. These Direct or Indirect detection systems can be used at varying energy levels and are configured to operate across a number of sampling interfaces. Cameras can interface with the vacuum chamber via a range of standard mounting flanges. Fiber-optic coupled configurations are also...

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Design Request Final Product At Andor we realize that, sometimes, even our adaptable and flexible off-the-shelf products are not enough to meet some of the more demanding application requirements of our customers. For this reason, we provide a bespoke service, whereby a dedicated, highly experienced team of engineers and application specialists provide customer specific solutions. The CSR service is at the heart of the Andor ethos of offering high performance, high quality products and solution developments for each and every customer. The process involves discussing your core requirements,...

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Direct Detection Solutions Andor employs the notation ‘S’ to indicate cameras that are optimal for the detection of ‘soft’, lower energy photons. With direct detection, the incident VUV to soft X-Ray photon is absorbed directly within the silicon of the sensor resulting in the production of multiple electron-hole pairs. This method of detection limits the range of usage of the sensor to photon energies that silicon can absorb directly. The design and architecture of the sensor and camera directly affect the detection range. Therefore, an uncoated backilluminated sensor will allow low energy...

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High Energy Detection - 5

Quantum Efficiency Curves 1240 Quantum efficiency (%) Hard X‐rays Direct Detection Portfolio Our Direct Detection imaging range includes the iKon-L SO (i) and iKon-M SY (ii) cameras, whilst our spectroscopy range includes Newton SO (iii) and Newton SY (iv) cameras. Find out more at

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Indirect Detection Solutions Andor employs the notation ‘H’ to indicate cameras that are optimal for detection of ‘hard’ higher energy photons. Indirect detection employs a material, such as a scintillator or phosphor, to convert incident high energy X-Ray or gamma photons to visible wavelength photons, which can then be detected directly by the sensor. Fiber-optic cameras Direct connection to scintillators, streak tubes or open-Micro Channel Plates (MCPs) with maximum throughput performance. A fiber-optic can be used to couple the scintillator to the camera. This provides several...

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(D Browse High Energy Detection Technical and Application Notes in the Andor Learning Center Our Indirect Detection imaging range features the iXon-HF (v), iKon-HF (vi) cameras. It also includes iKon-L (vii) and the Neo and Zyla sCMOS (viii) cameras. Find out more at

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an Oxford Instruments company Customer Support Andor products are regularly used in critical applications and we can provide a variety of customer support services to maximize the return on your investment and ensure that your product continues to operate at its optimum performance. Andor has customer support teams located across North America, Asia and Europe, allowing us to provide local technical assistance and advice. Requests for support can be made at any time by contacting our technical support team at Andor offers a variety of support under the following format: •...

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