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A deeper understanding through microscopy an Oxford Instruments company

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Additional Features Borealis Perfect Illumination Delivery™ Pinhole matching for low and high magnifications Zoom illumination 3 selectable camera magnifications Dedicated software control Efficient user interface Real-time 3D rendering GPU accelerated deconvolution Andor’s pioneering new Dragonfly confocal imaging platform offers multiple high-contrast fluorescence imaging techniques in a single device. Instant confocal Live confocal image (no line-by-line scanning) • Up to 20x faster imaging for greater productivity • Minimal photoxicity and photobleaching • Ideal for live and fixed...

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Fusion is a brand new solution designed to meet the requirements of today’s expectations for ease of use and immediate visual feedback with data review, whilst fulfilling tomorrow’s aspirations for handling multi-modal imaging. Fusion simplifies the control of the Dragonfly system, with its multiple imaging modes, to fluorophore and imaging mode selection in just a couple of mouse clicks. Once the sample is on the microscope you can control all hardware, including the x,y stage with its unique software joystick. Real-time 3D visualization provides a powerful insight to your experiment, and...

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Photostimulation Portfolio - Mosaic Simultaneous multi-region light targeting The Mosaic active illumination system utilizes digital mirror device (DMD) technology to control the illumination field of a fluorescence microscope. Using a choice of illumination sources, Mosaic achieves real time and near diffraction limited resolution. Unlike traditional galvoscanning systems, where pixels are addressed sequentially, Mosaic can simultaneously and precisely excite multiple regions of interest with complex geometries and allow simultaneous imaging. Operating from 365-800 nm, Mosaic is unique yet...

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Photostimulation Portfolio - MicroPoint Laser illumination and ablation MicroPoint provides a flexible and field-proven tool for photostimulation. Supplied with a patented compact, pulsed nitrogen pumped tunable dye laser, it is capable of ablation, bleaching and uncaging over a wavelength range of 365 to 656 nm. More than 20 wavelengths can be utilized with available dye resonator cells, and simultaneous imaging and photo-stimulation of the specimen can be achieved. MicroPoint is supplied with a UV-Vis imaging quality Epi illumination adapter for both current and previous generation...

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Customer Support Andor products are regularly used in critical applications and we can provide a variety of customer support services to maximize the return on your investment and ensure that your product continues to operate at its optimum performance. Andor has customer support teams located across North America, Asia and Europe, allowing us to provide local technical assistance and advice. Requests for support can be made at any time by contacting our technical support team at Andor offers a variety of support under the following format: • On-site product specialists...

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