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ANDOR an Oxford Instruments company Solis 64 Solutions for Imaging and Spectroscopy 64-bit acquisition software

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Solis State of the art acquisition, display and processing software Solis is Andor’s camera control and analysis software platform, with versions specifically designed to run: • Imaging; Solis (I) • Spectroscopy; Solis (S) • Time resolved; Solis (T) cameras and associated accessories. Key Features of Solis • Simple installation wizards depending on your hardware • Real-time data display ideal for aligning experiments • Real-time charting capability for optimizing your experiment • Real-time data calculations including background correction, flat-fielding, transmission, reflectance and...

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Andor Solis I provides the user with full control over Andor’s wide range of imaging cameras. Key Features • Real-time image display (video mode) ideal for aligning experiments • Advanced data spooling direct to hard disk allowing large data sets to be acquired • Increase signal intensity above the read noise floor with RealGain™ control (EMCCD compatible systems only) • Minimize vibrations with “Silent Fan” operation • Kinetic series recording and playback Key Applications • Fluorescence imaging • Single Photon Counting • Bose-Einstein Condensation • Atmospheric studies • X-ray studies •...

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Andor Solis S allows the user to control Andor’s range of Spectrographs and cameras in a direct and responsive manner. Key Features • Full spectrograph and camera control within the same package • Data export options SIF, GRAMS, ASCII • Easy automation of your experiment with additional commands added to the AndorBasic programming language • User defined background and data colors allow the user to optimize the screen under low light or low contract monitors • Flexible data display: view your data in 2D, 3D, stacked and overlaid Key Applications • Photoluminescence • Raman Spectroscopy •...

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Andor Solis T is the option for time resolved work and has additional features to enable control of the iStar camera range. Key Features Easy configuration of the built-in Digital Delay Generator (DDG™) allowing you to fully control your ultra-fast gating requirements with minimum fuss Neww region of interest measurements • Improved signal-to-noise with the “Integrate On Chip” function • Advanced data spooling direct to hard disk allowing large data sets to be acquired • Automatically locate your light pulse with Andor’s unique temporal “Find Pulse” feature: automatically scans the optical...

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Head Office 7 Millennium Way Springvale Business Park Belfast BT12 7AL Northern Ireland Tel: +44 (0)28 9023 7126 Fax: +44 (0)28 9031 0792 Solis has an extensive built-in programming language, AndorBasic, which has been specially designed to simplify even the most complex operations. For example, two images can be added and stored in a new data store by simply typing #3 = #1 + #2. Easy! As AndorBasic can be used to program image acquisitions, automate file storage, communicate with external devices and manipulate data, you can build macros to automate your experiment. Andor File...

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