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ZYLA-5.5 - 1

Zyla Speed and Sensitivity for Physical Science Imaging and Spectroscopy ZYLA 4.2 PLUS • 4.2 megapixel sCMOS • 82% peak QE • 0.9 e- read noise • 100 fps (53 fps USB 3.0) • 33,000:1 dynamic range ZYLA 5.5 • 5.5 megapixel sCMOS • Rolling & True Global Shutter • 0.9 e- read noise • 100 fps (40 fps USB 3.0) • 33,000:1 dynamic range P NEW On-head spectroscopy and multi-track processing

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ZYLA-5.5 - 2

an Oxford Instruments company - Features & Benefits Andor’s Zyla sCMOS camera platform offers high speed, high sensitivity and high resolution imaging and spectroscopy performance. The remarkably light and compact, thermoelectrically cooled design, integrates perfectly into both laboratory and OEM applications alike. Zyla is ideally suited to many cutting edge experiments that push the boundaries of speed and sensitivity. Spectroscopy Modes (option) On-head asymmetric binning and multi-track

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ZYLA-5.5 - 3

an Oxford Instruments company CHOICE Zyla sCMOS has become a well established detector amongst physicists, biophysicists and astronomers, the advanced combination of speed, sensitivity and dynamic range enabling new ground to be broken. Performance & Adaptability - Dual Amplifier - novel pixel architecture means you don't need to pre-select gain. Access lowest read noise and full well depth simultaneously. - 1000 fps - Access extremely fast frame rates through user definable Region of Interest control, suited to many applications within the physical sciences. - GPU Express - for real time...

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ZYLA-5.5 - 4

Rolling & Global Shutter The Zyla 5.5 uniquely offers both Rolling and true Global Shutter exposure modes. This provides superior application and synchronization flexibility and the ability, through global exposure, to closely emulate the familiar ‘Snapshot’ exposure mechanism of interline CCDs. Key Benefits of True Global Exposure – NO Spatial Distortion – avoiding the spatial distortion risk of rolling exposure – Tight syncing to peripheral switching devices – Higher Signal to Noise due to reduced dead time – the entire exposure cycle can be used – Simplicity – all the benefits of an...

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ZYLA-5.5 - 5

Meet the Extended sCMOS Family for Physical Sciences NEW Back-illuminated, deep cooled sCMOS Ultimate sensitivity and large FoV Near Earth Object (NEO) detection Space debris tracking Solar astronomy Fast Time Resolution Astrophysics Wafer inspection Plasma Diagnostics Hyperspectral imaging Neutron and Hard X-Ray Tomography Fast Reaction Kinetics Spectroscopy Zyla sCMOS For physical imaging, astronomy and spectroscopy Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) Lucky/Speckle imaging Solar astronomy Bose Einstein Condensation (BEC) Adaptive Optics (AO) Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) 3D...

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ZYLA-5.5 - 6

an Oxford Instruments company — Technical Data- Model Specific Specifications1

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ZYLA-5.5 - 7

an Oxford Instruments company Imaging ModeFrame Rate Table - 12-bit (16-bit) Spectroscopy ModeVertically binned tracks 12-bit & 16-bit Multi-track ModeVertically binned tracks 12-bit & 16-bit Array Size Imaging Mode The array size may be defined (includes FCS modes) for either resolution or maximum speed. O Spectroscopy Mode A vertically binned track is centred on the sensor enabling the maximum spectral rate to capture dynamic events. Multi-track Mode Up to 256 vertically binned tracks can be used for multi-track analysis without sacrificing speed.

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ZYLA-5.5 - 8

Quantum Efficiency (QE) Curve Quantum efficiency (%) Quantum efficiency curves of the Zyla 4.2 PLUS and Zyla 5.5. sCMOS for Spectroscopy and Andor Research-grade Spectrographs Highly modular motorized platforms with dual output ports, dual/triple/quadruple grating turrets and a wide range of motorized and field-upgradable accessories. Shamrock 500i Shamrock 750 Delivers the highest spectral resolution of the spectrograph range, down to 0.02 nm. Ideal combination of high spectral resolution, imaging capabilities for multi-track acquisitions. Convenient USB interface alongside fully motorized...

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ZYLA-5.5 - 9

sCMOS or EMCCD? Since the market introduction of sCMOS technology by Andor, the question of the performance comparison against the more established Electron Multiplying CCD (EMCCD) has been common. Being a very fast, low noise technology, sCMOS does hold some potential to offer an alternative technology to these single photon sensitive detectors across some applications and techniques, including cold atoms imaging or fast spectral chemical mapping. Whilst the read noise of sCMOS is very low compared to CCDs, EMCCD technology holds the distinct advantage of being able to practically...

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ZYLA-5.5 - 10

an Oxford Instruments company Camera Type Description For Spectroscopy mode option, add -S to your selected camera codes For water cooled option, add-W to your selected camera code Step 2. Select the required accessories O Accessories Description For further information on PC workstations for Zyla, please refer to the technical note PC Specifications for sCMOS Step 3. Select the required software The Zyla also requires at least one of the following software options: Solis Spectroscopy A 32-bit and fully 64-bit enabled application for Windows (7, 8, 8.1 and 10) offering rich functionality...

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ZYLA-5.5 - 11

an Oxford Instruments company Product Drawings Dimensions in mm [inches] Product drawings of the water cooled Zyla can be found at CONNECTING TO THE ZYLA Camera Control Connector type: 3 meter Camera Link 10-tap connectors or USB 3.0. (Longer lengths available as accessories). TTL / Logic 1 x 3-way Multi I/O timing cable, offering Fire, External Trigger and Arm (1.5 meter) REGULATORY COMPLIANCE • RoHS compliant • EU EMC Directive • EU LV Directive • IEC 61010-1 CB Scheme EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY COMPLIANCE • UL-certified for Canada and USA • Japanese...

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ZYLA-5.5 - 12

ORDER TODAY Need more information? At Andor we are committed to finding the correct solution for you. With a dedicated team of technical advisors, we are able to offer you one-to-one guidance and technical support on all Andor products. For a full listing of our regional sales offices, please see: Our regional headquarters are: EUROPE Belfast, Northern Ireland Phone +44 (28) 9023 7126 Fax +44 (28) 9031 0792 FOOTNOTES: Specifications are subject to change without notice For Camera Link 10-Tap Models:1 x Camera Link Card and 2 x 3 meter connector cables. For USB 3.0 models:...

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