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The ergonomically designed control panel with integrated computer monitoring system allows the safe operation of the single-person chamber. The transparent acrylic cylinder provides optimal observation of the patient during the treatment and in the same way optimizes the success of treatment. In case of being pressurized with compressed air, the patient breathes oxygen through a mask similary to those used in multiplace hyperbaric chambers. www.oxybarica.es

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Design: PVHO-1 and EN 13445 Certificates: ISO 9001 Quality Managment System ISO 13458 Quality Management System for Medical Devices 93/42 EEN Medical Device Directive CE 93/42/EC 97/23 EEN Pressure Equipment Directive CE 97/23/EC PVHO-1: Certificate for Acrylic IEC 60601-1 Medical Electrical Equipment EMC 60601-1-2 Electromagnetic Compability EN 14931 4.2.18 Noise Level EN 14931 4.2.13 Ilumination Level Operating preassure: 3.0 ATA Operating temperature: 5 – 50ºC Gas supply pressure: 50-70 psig Working Termperature: -10 / +50 degree Celsius Approximate weight: 1250 kg Stretcher width: 660...

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