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OxyLife Mediterráneo its used in multiple therapeutic treatment to groups of patients with different pathologies but with the same protocol It is also used in emergency or emergency treatments OxyLife Mediterráneo has several options such as: dimensions, autonomy, access doors or box, NATO flange, which allows connection to other emergency chambers and transport of patients in emergencies OxyLife Mediterraneo It also has a control panel integrated into the equipment or optionally independent and monitored, as well as its own data management software and treatment programming exportable to the center's system. There are working pressure options from 3 ATA or 6.5 ATA www.oxybarica.es

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Design: pvho-1 and EN 13445 Certificates: ISO 9001 Quality Management System ISO 13458 Quality Management System Products Sanitary ware 97/23 EEN: Pressure Equipment Directive CE 97/23 / EC PVHO-1: Certificate for acrylic Working pressure: 2.5 bar to 5.5 bar Pressure test: up to 15 bar Working temperature: -10 / + 50ºC Chamber diameter: From 2100 mm Chamber length: from 4727 mm Chamber volume: from 4.25 m3 Camera weight: from 3500kg Material: P265 GH Steel pressure vessel Doors are Scalable Flange Stanag rotating Windows and peepholes with video surveillance Stretchers or seats for patients...

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