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ON-SITE EXCELLENCE - SINCE 1978 Medical Oxygen

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Oxymat at a glance Oxymat is a Denmark based company specialized in designing and manufacturing on-site Oxygen and Nitrogen solutions, using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Technology. We have been designing, engineering and manufacturing Oxygen generator systems since 1978 and nitrogen systems since 2001. We posses first hand knowledge of the market, development, demands and possibilities the PSA technology holds. It is our mission to be your preferred innovative, dynamic and environmentally responsible supplier of on-site oxygen and nitrogen solutions worldwide. Our team of more than 80...

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Generators to Your Medical Care European Pharmacopoeia, edition 7th, 2011 “Oxygen definition: 90 – 96 % concentration in volume. The reminder mainly is consisting of argon and nitrogen.” Oxymat Medical Oxygen Generating Systems are designed to thoroughly meet this requirement even before this definition came in force in April 2011. Our customers are talking Hospitals „After installing a PSA generator on site in 2005, Hospital Samaritana, Bogota reduced their average monthly cost on liquid oxygen supply by 50%.“ Christian Hansen Project Manager, Chaher Ltda. Veterinary Clinics „Oxymat oxygen...

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Compressor provides air and adds the required level of pressure Dryer removes moisture from the compressed air by cooling Coal tower adsorbs oil and fractional impurities

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3D Scheme of Oxygen Generating System according to ISO 10083 This system has 3 sources of Oxygen: primary oxygen generating line, secondary oxygen generating line and the third source is the cylinder backup. The control system will automatically change over from primary source to secondary or reserve source if malfunctioning occurs. Air tank provides required volume of air for the PSA generator Zeolite/CMS filling with its ion-exchange beds traps N2/O2 molecules and allows O2/N2 molecules to flow through High Purity Oxygen flows from the PSA generator to the product tank and is ready for

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Technical Features Frame-built Generator Module Small footprint and high energy efficiency. Main components: inlet air filtration, air tank, oxygen generator, oxygen purity analyzer, product tank and gas filtration. All connections are located on the back of the unit ensuring trouble free installation . Connections: compressed air inlet, condensed drain water out, exhaust outlet through a silencer and oxygen outlet. The compressed inlet air is treated before entering the oxygen generator: Two filters eliminate particles down to 0,01 micron and a high-capacity active carbon filter removes oil...

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Frame-built Generator Module The oxygen generator is fully automatic controlled by a PLC unit. An oxygen analyzer is installed in the below control box. Build-in calibration valves and quick connectors for calibration gas ensures easy access for calibration. Distribution Panel Main control panel for all incoming and outgoing oxygen pipelines. By measuring the oxygen consumption in the hospital, the control system automatically starts up/shuts down the adequate number of plants — hence only the required amount of oxygen is produced. A high-performance PLC is controlling the full line, from...

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Technical Features Backup and High Pressure Filling System In the event of high consumption of oxygen the system will activate the backup sources. The backup is a fully mechanical controlled device that will supply oxygen to the hospital even in case of main power failure. Several sources are available for backup. As standard the back-up system comes either with one or two sources. In a one source system the back is controlled by a pressure reduction station, and in case of 2 backup sources the supply is controlled by a changeover pressure reduction. To fill high pressure cylinders (5-50L)...

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For further removal of any residual gas and moisture in the cylinders before the filling process we can supply a vacuum system equipped for Oxygen service. The vacuum sequences run automatically and are controlled by the vacuum measurement both at the high pressure filling rack and by special vacuum sensors in the vacuum line. One or several vacuum sequences are available. This system will fully comply with the European GMP Annex 6: Manufacture of medical gases. The connectors for high pressure Oxygen cylinders can be supplied for all given connection standards. All constructed in heavy brass...

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EUROPE: Nitrogen installations in total: 885 Purities from 95 < 99,9999 % Applications: Process Industry, Metal Treatment, Ozone, Food, etc. NORTH & CENTRAL AMERICA: Nitrogen installations in total: 21 Purities from 97 - 99,5 % Applications: Off shore, Food, Process Industry Oxygen installations in total: 1218 Purities from 90 - 95 % Applications: Aquaculture, Medical, Water Treatment, etc. Oxygen installations in total: 31 Purities from 92 - 95 % Applications: Medical, Aquaculture, Ozone, Gold Mining AFRICA: SOUTH AMERICA: Nitrogen installations in total: 46 Purities from 95 - 99 %...

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INDIAN SUBCONTINENT: Nitrogen installations in total: 14 Purities from 95 - 99,999 % Applications: Industrial, Processing, etc. Oxygen installations in total: 101 Purities from 90 - 95 % Applications: Medical, Aquaculture, Ozone, Water Treatment MID-EAST & CENTRAL ASIA: Nitrogen installations in total: 91 Purities from 95 - 99,9995 % Applications: Pharmaceutical, Food, Oil & Gas, Electronics, etc. Oxygen installations in total: 337 Purities from 90 - 95 % Applications: Aquaculture, Medical, Gold Mining, Water Treatment, etc. SOUTH & FAR EAST ASIA: Nitrogen installations in total: 84...

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Highest level of international approval OXYMAT Oxygen & Nitrogen systems are designed and manufactured according to European derectives: ›› PED (97/23/EC) ›› MDD (93/42/EEC) Oxymat has long experience in designing, engineering and delivering of hundreds of Oxygen and Nitrogen systems all over the world, in accordance with international and national authorities. OXYMAT operates a QA system in accordance with international standards: ›› ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems) ›› ISO 13485 (Quality Management Systems - Medical Devices) ›› ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) ›› ISO 18001...

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