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OXYGEN & NITROGEN on-site modular solutions

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OXYMAT Nordic Proven technology OXYMAT A/S is a Denmark based company and the leading global supplier of advanced PSA generator systems since 1978. OXYMAT has 40 years of experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing high quality oxygen and nitrogen gas generators to meet customers' specific needs and process specifications. You can produce your own oxygen or nitrogen with OXYMAT PSA gas generators creating high quality nitrogen or oxygen gases on-site. There will be no need to order in, store and stock check your liquid oxygen tanks or nitrogen gas cylinders when you can produce...

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Standard specification PSA generator The OXYMAT Nordic PSA generator is designed for continuous and autonomous operation. The PSA generator will automatically start and stop based on actual gas consumption. The PSA generator will switch to stand-by mode, when no gas is consumed. Pressure vessels • Pressure vessels are designed and manufactured for dynamic load. Vessels are surface treated, and powder coated – inside and outside. Pipe sets • All pipes are stainless steel SS316 Process valves • Pneumatic operated. Stainless steel valve seats. Molecular sieve • Proprietary molecular sieve...

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PSA technology Our generators are based on PSA technology, Pressure Swing Adsorption. This process evolves around the principle of an adsorbent media under pressure, trapping either oxygen or nitrogen molecules, allowing the target molecules to pass. The only raw material needed is the ambient atmospheric air, which makes the PSA process an extremely clean operation. PSA process description Air tank Product tank Coal tower Storage system Coal tower Product tank Storage system removes moisture from the compressed air by cooling provides air and adds the required level of pressure adsorbs oil...

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Industries Gold mines Gas company Since 2010 we have installed several oxygen systems for gold mines worldwide. Heavy duty construction of PSA is designed for rough conditions of the mining environment. The system was delivered with a remote control in order to monitor all process parameters and alarms. The advanced control system makes the operation of PSA systems easier to handle, user-friendly and reliable. Onsite oxygen production made the mine independent of liquid oxygen deliveries from remote locations. model 2x O800x5, 20 tons per day, 93%, 12.0 bar Laser cutting KGZ / Dobrepolje /...

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we serve Marine and off-shore Oddfjell During 2006-2009 OXYMAT developed our marine versions, and we have so far sold more than 35 units to Chemical Carriers, LNG Carriers & Supply Vessels. The unique design eliminates the need for air- and product vessels. Together with a very low power consumption of 0,2 kW per m3, we have launched the smallest foot print world wide. OXYMAT offers Marine Nitrogen PSA from 100 to 10.000 m3/h delivered with certificate by all major class associations like DNV, ABS, GL, Lloyds, BV etc. model X4000 Marine Nitrogen PSA, 4.000m3/h, 95% purity, 6.0 bar Container...

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Nitrogen installations in total: 885 Purities from 95 < 99.9999 % Applications: Process Industry, Metal Treatment, Ozone, Food, etc. NORTH & CENTRAL AMERICA: Nitrogen installations in total: 21 Purities from 97 - 99.5 % Applications: Off shore, Food, Process Industry. Oxygen installations in total: 1218 Purities from 90 - 95 % Applications: Aquaculture, Medical, Water Treatment, etc. Oxygen installations in total: 31 Purities from 92 - 95 % Applications: Medical, Aquaculture, Ozone, Gold Mining. AFRICA: SOUTH AMERICA: Nitrogen installations in total: 46 Purities from 95 - 99 % Applications:...

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INDIAN SUBCONTINENT: Nitrogen installations in total: 14 Purities from 95 - 99.999 % Applications: Industrial, Processing, etc. Oxygen installations in total: 101 Purities from 90 - 95 % Applications: Medical, Aquaculture, Ozone, Water Treatment. MID-EAST & CENTRAL ASIA: Nitrogen installations in total: 91 Purities from 95 - 99.9995 % Applications: Pharmaceutical, Food, Oil & Gas, Electronics, etc. Oxygen installations in total: 337 Purities from 90 - 95 % Applications: Aquaculture, Medical, Gold Mining, Water Treatment, etc. SOUTH & FAR EAST ASIA: Nitrogen installations in total: 84...

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Our customers say AQUACULTURE The Faroese salmon industry has not always been successful. Additionally, we have also been affected by diseases over the • HQ in Denmark • Turnover in 2020 was 29m € • More than 100 employees worldwide • Wide network of distributors and agents in more than 40 countries • Manufacturer of custom designed oxygen and nitrogen systems • Oxygen generator systems since 1978 • Nitrogen generator systems since 2001 • OXYMAT - Slovakia s.r.o. established in 2006 • More than 5,000 generator systems installed in more than 140 countries • Holds all relevant approvals for...

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Highest level of international approval OXYMAT operates a QA system in accordance with international standards: OXYMAT oxygen and nitrogen systems are designed and manufactured according to European derectives: ›› PED (97/23/EC) ›› MDD (93/42/EEC) ›› ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems) ›› ISO 13485 (Quality Management Systems - Medical Devices) ›› ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) OXYMAT has long experience in designing, engineering and delivering of hundreds of oxygen and nitrogen systems all over the world, in accordance with international and national authorities. Certified...

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